Dollmore Narsha and Friends Discussion Part 2

Jul 25, 2011

    1. Both. I'm going to add some electronic bits into her and add resin to make parts of her look more mechanic.
    2. So cute! Love the outfit!
    3. Hello!)
      It's my new girl Zihu)
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    4. She is SO lovely @Tatty !
    5. she is gorgeous!
    6. Thank you!)
      She has a sister.
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    7. @Tatty I love Zihu's faceup! You have two beautiful girls!
    8. Your sisters are beautiful together. I love Narsha and Zihu :)
    9. Your sisters are lovely Tatty.
    10. Tatty, your two girls just look adorable!
    11. Tatty your sisters are beautiful. I just took my two back out and decided they need new wigs. I can't believe that no one has posted since August. Auntbear and Xanadu have your girls/boys gotten their face ups? Would love to see them.
    12. Sorry for the double post, not sure anyone is following this thread any more but I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of the shipping costs from DollMore. I have never ordered directly from the company usually it is DDE, Fabric and Friends or Doll Peddlar so I have no idea what shipping would be like from Korea. Narsha and Zihu have been eying some of the clothes - for some reason DDE doesn't carry any Narsha clothes. Thank you in advance for any help.
    13. You can put the things you want in your cart and check the shipping. For light weight orders you can choose EE packet for a cheaper but slower possibly delivery.
    14. Thank you Nancy - you are always very helpful. I appreciate your help.
    15. I'm always glad to enable!
    16. My Narsha (who was never renamed!) had her 12th birthday last month. I can hardly believe that despite all the comings and goings of dolls she's seen, she is still one of my favourites. She was my first BJD and arrived here in early September 2006!!

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    17. Happy Birthday, Narsha! I never renamed my first BJD either, how funny.

      My Narsha girl, Hana, was 12 in September too...hard to believe they're almost teenagers!
    18. Happy Birthday to both your girls. So lovely to see your girl dambuster01 and great to see some activity on this thread. These are lovely dolls and deserve attention :D
    19. Here's my most recent pic of Hana, unfortunately her hair was a mess. It was not a good wig day for many of my girls, it seems.

      by clochette62, on Flickr
    20. She is beautiful even with "bed" head hair. I am trying to find mine new wigs and having a terrible time finding something that suits them in the image I have for them, Don't you just love how graceful their hands are? And my two pose wonderfully, very sturdy and not kicky at all.