Dollmore Narsha and Friends Discussion Part 2

Jul 25, 2011

    1. Hana may have had a bad hair day but she has a lovely dress!
    2. Thank you! We were trying out different wigs, and that one didn't seem to work out. I wanted something different than her normal braid, but we haven't found a different option that works yet.
    3. Thank you @clochette and how funny that we got our Narshas at the very same time. Though I do believe we were both on the DDE Yahoo Group at the time weren't we? So maybe someone showed one on there? I can't for the life of me remember how I got to the Dollmore site and saw her, but I did and remember falling instantly in love with her!!! Anyway, happy birthday to your Narsha too! Yes, almost teenagers, but hopefully not with the problems that most teenagers bring to their parents ;) :D

      Thank you @Merlin's Mom ! You're right, these are lovely girls and do deserve attention. I regularly look and pick up my Narsha but she doesn't often get much camera time! Thankfully she doesn't complain much ;)

      Aww she's lovely @clochette and she doesn't look anywhere near as jaundiced as my Narsha does!! :)
    4. I actually picked her up in person at the Austin show that summer...poor Hyon (the Dollmore rep at the time who was AWESOME) was exhibiting there, and the hotel threw out all her shipper boxes! I figured I'd help her out and take a girlie home...Narsha had not been on my radar until that show. Seeing her in person really tipped the scales...that's one of the reasons why I take so many different dolls to model when I do shows. Yes, she's yellowed a bit, but nothing like my french resin Bambicrony kids, or my N-doll Miso. They've yellowed badly. Hana has yellowed, but she still looks flesh colored. Here she is with another experiment of a wig:
      Hana Ren dress
      by clochette62, on Flickr
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    5. The yellowing looks very natural, and I really like her face-up was that the default face up at the time?
    6. Thank you! Not the default, she had a new faceup a few years ago by Pam Ford (PamSD). I wanted to give her a more mature look to match up with my other girls in her size range. She was the only one in that size for so long, now that she has companions in her size, I wanted her to fit in.
    7. my dollmore girls aren't quite as old as yours - since i didn't even discover bjds till 2007, but my shabee's were the third and 4th dolls i got and the first ones i was brave enough to get blank, they've both have had their faces redone but i still love them and can't imagine ever parting with them. i've had a rough couple of years with very little dolly time, but am hoping things are settling out and that zihu will actually get her face done this year. my girls are anxious to meet their sister!
      i still can't figure out why these dolls aren't more popular. they are great dolls, and look lovely no matter how you style them!
    8. @clochette it must have been brilliant to be able to see in person before buying....and yes, she doesn't look too yellow at all. I think my girl quickly yellowed because although I'd heard all about keeping them out of the sunshine, I didn't realise back then that heat can also help them to change colour. I used to do all my sewing outside and Narsha was always there with me, although I thought wrapping her in a black cloth would prevent any colour change....obviously not. I am used to her colour now and wouldn't change her because she has a custom faceup by Ravensdoll and of course she no longer takes commissions :( so I have to live with it. So I live with the 'jaundice' and love her just the same!!

      I sometimes look at this photo and think"'wow, she's come through some changes!"

    9. i didn't realize heat was a problem either. good thing mine live mostly in the basement. your girl just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter
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    10. Thank you so much @auntbear !
    11. I actually think your girl has more personality now, Sharon... she looks so vibrant! Even the change in eyes makes her look almost alive. I feel the same way about my Miso girl. She's really yellow now, but I love her very much.

      I think seeing dolls in person is a wonderful way to be introduced to the hobby. At that show, there were several vendors with actual dolls, and Hyon brought quite a few to show and sell. Probably the only show that was better was the Korean BJD show in LA in 2014, it had about nine doll companies vending there! I imagine Ldoll in France is similar. I'd be broke (well, broke-er).
    12. auntbear sorry to hear that you have had some rough times - hope all is well now and going forward (hugs). Looking forward to seeing you Zihu when you get the chance to complete her face up.
    13. Sorry for the double post but I am nervous. I just ordered Narsha and Zihu some clothes and wigs from Dollmore. This is my first time ordering directly from and BJD company so I hope I did everything right - it did show order confirmed :). Coco kept jumping into my cart and I had to remove her more than once. I haven't bought any new dolls this year, but think she will have to wait until after Christmas. I really do want to bring her home though with a custom face up that gives her a more Asian appearance - not sure how long it takes for the clothes to arrive, shipping was the cost of at least three dresses:eek:
    14. Dollmore is very easier to deal with! If you have any questions, just ask them on the Q&A board.
    15. shipping is always the killer, well that and customs. but the dolls are so worth it!
    16. Nancy - Dollmore is wonderful to deal with one item was out of stock and they gave me the option to have it made or substitute another similar item in a different color. I asked for the substitution and they emailed me back that the order shipped today :celebrate

      auntbear - we are fortunate so far that we don't have to pay customs (hope it stays that way) but I totally agree that the dolls are so worth it.
    17. I can third Dollmore being a joy to work with. I've found that with smaller items that you aren't in a hurry for, joining into a group order definitely helps with shipping costs. Or, if you're in the US, you can order from Dollmore via Denver Doll Emporium.
    18. For some reason DDE doesn't carry any of Narsha's clothes and doesn't show her friends on their site - I love working with them and I ordered Narsha and Zihu through them, but I think I will get faster turn around ordering directly from Dollmore. I was sorely tempted by the tan Narsha they have in stock right now but more than I can spend right now and I'm not crazy about the outfit.
    19. Sorry it is me again with a question. Has anyone ordered wigs from Hannasu the LM ones and did the 6-7 fit or the 7-8?
      Thank you!
    20. I haven't ordered from that vendor, but 6-7 wigs fit my girl.