Dollmore Narsha and Friends Discussion Part 2

Jul 25, 2011

    1. Thank you :)
    2. I received the clothes I ordered from Dollmore today for Narsha and thought I would just give a little review. The jeans are very cute, but unfortunately do not really fit - they are too big or at least the ones I received are. The dresses fit well and are well made. The tee shirts/hoodies fit well but have to go over their heads as the opening isn't large enough to pull it up over the hips and get the arms in. The skinny roll up leggings are tight, but do fit (suppose that is why they are skinny jeans :lol:). Narsha and Zihu are very happy to finally have clothes of their own instead of any hand me downs I could find. It turns out Narsha is the Tom Boy and Zihu is my girly girl. Hope this is helpful. I can't take photos at the moment as my camera has decided that it was too old and died, also have to decide on what photo host site I want to use. It sounds like quite a few of them are changing their rules :(
    3. [​IMG]

      Becky Colvin makes these jeans for the Effner Little Darling and they fit Narsha perfectly.

      She's on etsy now: SewCoolSeparates
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    4. Oh your Narsha is adorable and the jeans look great. I will have to go check out the site. Thank you.

      Edit: By the way I love her wig - it suits her perfectly.
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    5. I was looking for the "right" wig for her may years ago. This one came with another doll and Narsha snatched it immediately!

      I have a feeling the Becky has just a few pairs of jeans left.
    6. @nancy_schroeder_ca your Narsha is so pretty with her curly red hair. The jeans are great, I have a pair from Becky too and also I have her pattern to make my own....just haven't got around to making her any from it yet!
    7. i've had the same pattern for years, as well. ellyce will get her jeans...some day
    8. Finally put together an outfit for my Narsha boy that I'm happy with this weekend - he's dressed as Wei WuXian from Mo Dao Zu Shi/Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation. Outfit is three pieces, my own design/pattern.


      detail (including hand-embroidery on sleeves)
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    9. Very nicely done - he looks great.
    10. looks great, i love how the pieces look to scale and aren't super bulky in spite of all the layers
    11. Thank you! Yeah, there's just two layers on top—I wanted to make sure there was a lining between the black fabric and the doll, I have some concern about staining. Here's an (unfortunately blurry) picture of all of the pieces. The skirt sits on the hip, which also reduces bulk around the waist, and the floofy sleeves are made of silk chiffon, so they compress well and aren't hard to pull through the armholes of the outer top despite the volume of fabric. Not pictured: bloomers under the skirt.

      My next project is to line his wrist wraps/braces—I took the ones in the picture off immediately after taking photos because STAINING FEAR.

    12. wow your boy is so so pretty! i want one know just because of these photos of your kid! love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know you posed a long time ago, but i would love to see more photos!!
    13. question for you lovelys!!! is there any difference in the boy and girl head of this doll? or is the only difference the faceup and body?
    14. Just the faceup and body!
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    15. Hello everyone! I'm hoping to have a couple questions answered :)
      Dollmore lists Narsha and friends as including "default underwear", is that the white nightgown like dress I see narshas in?
      Where do you guys find clothes for your narshas? I have a chibi unoa so I'm no strangers to the odd-sized clothing struggle, but I'm wondering if there's a underground clothing ring I'm missing out on :lol:
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