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Dollmore Narsha what fits? Clothes, Shoes, Eyes, Wigs discussion

Apr 1, 2006

    1. I found these shoes fit Narsha- borrowed from my Cutie Delf:
      Crossroad for Cutie
      and also these that are on clearance:
      The fit is snug but works- my dilemma- where else can I get shoes that will fit my Alora -because she really likes boots. I found other pairs of Cutie Delf shoes won't work- like the shoes that tie on the side- and she has some shoes from a DOA member that I dunno what brand, and I was also wondering if JPOP doll shoes for petite ai would fit Narsha. THANX!

      ..Mod Notes....
      This is a discussion for Dollmore Narsha as to what clothes, Shoes, Wigs, Eyes fit.

      Height: 35cm
      Circumference of Head: 17cm
      Circumference of bust: 15cm
      Circumference of waist: 14cm
      Circumference of hips: 17cm
      Circumference of wrist: 14cm
      Foot size: 5cm
      Wig size: 7 inch (6/7 size wig)
      Eye size: 12 or 14mm

      Narsha in some F2BM clothes:

      Narsha database:

      Dollmore Narshia and Friends Discussion Part 1:

      Dollmore Narshia and Friends Discussion Part 2:

      Dollmore Narsha what fits? Clothes, Shoes, Eyes, Wigs discussion:
    2. I have a Narsha boy, and he's sort of right in between MSD and Yo-SD size. He's generally too big for any of the Yo size clothes I have, though he can just squeeze into the Luts Cutie Delf boots I have. For the time being he wears clothes that belong to my MSD sized dolls and they're baggy. I think Narsha actually count as a Mini. :) For a pic comparison of Cory and Narsha, maybe try posting a request for them? Good luck!

    3. There's some photos and info you might find useful at http://www.narshadoll.com/intro/

      I've wanted a Narsha for a while, but can't decide whether I want a boy or a girl, so may end up getting twins! :)

    4. I adore my Narshas. I have had wonderful luck ordering shoes and boots for my girl that are 54mm/25mm. I bought most of them from Audrey's. While you're at it, the outfit my little girl is wearing is also from Audrey's. It is a Bleuette outfit and I have several that are a real good fit.

      As far as my little boy is concerned, in this picture he is wearing Matt O'Neill jeans, a Ken shirt and Matt's shoes. Hope this helps.

    5. Can Narshas wear MSD sized shoes or Cutie Delf sized shoes?
    6. The difference in their feet is .6 cm. Normally you add 5mm to the foot to find the size, so most shoes are probably too small. If you buy shoes that are a tight fit on the larger doll, they would probably fit the smaller with socks
    7. So far I have only 2 pairs and a third too snug to fit easily for my little Alora- are there any ohter shoes you can suggest to help me find some for my Narsha? Also- jpopdolls shoes for cutie and petite ai don't fit her after all.
    8. Hiya! I am having a hard time finding shoes to fit my Narsha, and now I am trying to find clothing and shoes for my mom's Lati Yellow. I saw someone post this great site with lots of tiny shoes, but I have no idea what shoes I can get for Lati Yellow and for Narsha. I have seen shoes that fit petite ai and cutie delf but they are too big for Lati Yellow and too small for Narsha. Help!
      Of course if you have other sites to reccommend, please do!
    9. I use Riley Kish size shoes for my Yellow LaTi girls. Some fit better than others, the strapless slippers that are narrow are the best ones.

    10. Riley shoes come in 2 sizes. Size 28 if the shoes are worn with socks, or size 25 if they aren't worn with socks. This is how it is with Lati Yellow, also. Size 28 fits Lati Yellow only if they are worn with socks, otherwise size 28 would be too big.
      Size 25 fits them perfectly if they aren't wearing socks.
      I have lots of Riley shoes, so I've been able to try these sizes on my Lati Yellow.

      I'm going to post a copy of this in the Lati Yellow Clothing thread, so we can keep all this information together.
    11. I'd like to know too, if there are more then just the Riley shoes that fit.
    12. For Riley shoes and other tiny shoes try this link..

      They are very good with helping folks and knowledgeable and offer excellent customer service! Hope this helps.. :)
    13. I have been searching the old posts for Narsha info and pictures, but still have a few questions. The measurements database list eyes at 12, 13, or 14 mm, which ones fit best? Do Tonner Betsy Mccall clothes fit really well, any other commercially available clothes that fit them? (I don't sew, can barely use Elmers glue!). The Dollmore site listed wig size as 7, but again the database listed wig size as 6.5? Where is a good place to find wigs in a youthful style for this doll? Does anyone sew clothing for this doll? And last, please post your Narsha pictures!! She is so pretty!
      Thanks so much!
    14. IMHO the smallest eye size is always best, because you see more white so it looks more natural. Sorry I can't help you with anything else, I just want a Narsha, I don't have one. Yet.
    15. Info from Dollmore:

      * height : 35cm
      * Circumference of Head : 17cm
      * Circumference of bust : 15cm
      * Circumference of waist : 14cm
      * Circumference of hips : 17cm
      * Circumference of wrist : 14cm
      * eye size : 12 or 14mm
      * Foot size : 5cm
      * wig size : 7 inch

      Shoe thread (also contains clothes info):

      Message about www.friends2bmade.com clothes and dolls incl. Narsha:

    16. Thanks for the link and info. She is such a pretty little girl. Pictures anyone??
    17. I think ocean-girl has a narsha. Perhaps try searching in the gallery section?
    18. Just saw this notice on Dollmore -- I know that some people have had trouble sourcing outfits for Narsha, since she's an "in-between" size -- hope this is helpful!

      -- Andi :D

      Date 2006/08/03 [13:35] Hit 63
      Title Narsha outfits~!

      hi~! Dollmore customers^_^

      some outfits for Narsha has been listed on Dollmore site.^^

      did you see them? haha~ ^^

      and from now, other cute outfits will be listed soon.

      of course, other sized outfits that hasn't been listed yet made by Dollmore

      can be made for Narsha, if you want.

      when ordering, please let me know. ^^
      help@dolllmore.net or d011d011@yahoo.com

      hope your lots of interests~!!!

      many thanks~!
    19. If you do a Gallery search for "Narsha," quite a few pics will come up:

      (I believe this link should work)



      -- Andi (who loves Narsha dolls!)

      P.S. Dollmore has just started selling Narsha-specific outfits, which should help in the clothing search ^_^