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Dollmore No longer carrying SR dolls

Aug 21, 2006

    1. I hope this wasn't already posted. I DID look for it, but I'm tired. >.>

      I asked Dollmoreusa (Hyon specifically) Why the Dollmore site did not feature Yuha on it, (I originally saw him on luts) and why some other SR dolls were missing. This is what I got back from her.

      Hi Luca,

      good to hear from you. Unfortunately,
      Dollmore will no longer carry Serendipity dolls due to
      unable to get the products on time & often have to wait
      for long time for orders to come.
      Sorry, hope you will get him thru Luts safely.


      Just thought I'd put that out there :O I'm really interested in Yuha but I've never bought from Luts before. I was sorta hoping to go through Hyon ^^;
    2. I think it is not problem ,Luts or S-DOLL both ok!!

      hope can see your Yuha very soon!!