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Update Dollmore Notice/Shipping cost

Apr 28, 2011

    1. I just found this out:
      Here's the Original:


      A five-day work week begins on May 1
      so the shipping doesn't work and answer the question
      will be delayed on the weekend.
      Also, the free shipping is possible
      from $900 USD on May 1.
      We ask for you understanding regarding this matter.
      Thanks a lot~
    2. Here's the link...

      Free shipping & A five-day work week

    3. What do they mean by 'shipping doesn't work' and five-day work week?
    4. I think they're talking about the Chinese holiday. Everyone's on vacation until the 6th.

      Just a guess...
    5. I think what they mean is that they no longer ship on weekends and they operate from mondays through fridays, i think.