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Dollmore offering Boding Boding Sharmin, LE 20

Jul 3, 2005

    1. Loved Boding Boding Alice and ADORE Boding Boding Sharmin---a limited edition of 20, I think she is really something. Dollmore is selling her.


    2. Edit: Whoops, this is for Sharmin, not Alice like the other thread. :oops:
    3. Wow. I still think I like Alice better because of the head mold (I prefer her lip shape), but I love that Sharmin doesn't have "dix" written on her head and has more subtle black lips (if black lips can be subtle) This is a Sharmin I'd consider buying.
    4. *Gasp* OOooghhhh, she is so lovely -- I like her much better than the Boding Alice. I wish I ad some extra $$$ right now. She's even better than Nightmare Sharmin!
    5. I like her gothic faceup so much.
      :D I just ordered 2 . ONe is for mine and one is for my friend. Can't wait to see them!
    6. Oh, I envy! Please, post many pix! :D
    7. Oh Gosh she is so lovely!!! Limited to 20?? Oh oh oh what to do??? Save for Estella or BIN?? EEEKKK

      I guess I better decide quickly!!!

      Is Dollmore a reliable dealer?? Anyone know???
    8. I BIN her and they responded back to me very quickly :D
    9. Congratulations!!!

      I went for it too- I have absolutely no self control :grin: I also never have buyers remorse so it all works out except for my credit card company :wink:
    10. Wah! Star you naughty girl! I'm going to go pre-order that AR boy I want then too! ;)
    11. Yay!!!! I am a bad influence, woohoo! Nothing has changed since high school :wink:
    12. congratulations to you too! she reminds me so much of a character from one of yoshitaka amano's art pieces. :love
    13. This may be obvious to everyone else (I admire J-rock and Visual Kei styles, but I don't follow them at all), but what in the world does "Boding Boding" mean??!?

      i definitely like this Sharmin better than the Boding Boding Alice -- she was very nice, but I think this one is subtler (I agree about the lips) and extremely cool!!

      I love the eyelashes, the way they get longer in the middle . . . it totally changes the look of her face! :>

      -- A :D
    14. sharmin is really pretty- i agree- but i went for alice instead- cuz i already have 2 sharmin- white dreams and nightmare......... I really like the lips on alice too. Regardless- serindipity are really cool dolls- and I'm glad that thaey have so much creativitey going for them. Some of the dolls are a little out of the box- and i like them for that.
      I DO not like when all dollis supposed to be a certain number limited ED and they change it if it sells well. I think that is who they sell them through- rather than serindipity. But I'd be pissed as hell if i got alice as a limited ed. 15.. ( maybe it was 20? but regardless they changed it)...... and they doubled it - to 30. That irks me to no end. thankfully i did not see her until they changed the number other wise I'd be screaming up a storm. If you think that stinks as much as I do- maybe drop the sellers a note. Like i said I was well aware of the change when i go mine- but the first 15 people are screwed.
    15. I liked Boding Boding Alice...and I like Boding Boding Sharmin...I'd love to see the two of them side by side in some owner pictures. But I doubt anyone here got both of them. lol

      Love for Serendipity!
    16. My boding boding SHARMIN arrived today!!!!
      Now she is in my friend's office , will pikc her up tonite after work.

      I asked Jee (dollmore) last friday abt the shipping and she told me had to wait till the end of this month, but well...today she is here.

      Sharmin comes with 2 pairs ELF ears as usual. (Jee told me she was with human ears only...sometimes very confusing for what Jee says....)

      I will take some pics as soon as I can.

      ^_^ Yeah!! :D
    17. Oh my goodness!! Jee told me the same thing- that Sharmin will be shipping at the end of the month- WOW!! Elf ears too?? Woohoo!!

      I just checked the dollmore website and she is at my post office!!! I should have her today or tommorrow!!

      Post pictures soon!!!