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Dollmore quality

Jul 19, 2007

    1. I am thinking about placing an order for a Dollmore Kid Torrie. I actually don't know anyone that owns one and I am curious about what others think of them. Are they good quality? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    2. I have a kid Dollmore Aiden boy.. .^^ I find the quality to be very good. *nods* No flaws in the construction, so far as I can see. The body can be a bit...frustrating, at times, but I'm guessing that's something a little restringing could fix well enough, and isn't any worse than any other company's work.

      Um... is there anything specific you'd like to know? I'll try to help if I can. .^.^
    3. I don't know...I'm not great at asking questions...I'm still very new to BJD-land. I just wanted to see if anyone that owns one of these little guys loved them or if there were things about them they weren't pleased with. I fell in love with Torrie so I was trying to just find anything out about them I could! Thank you very much!
    4. I second what sailorstarsun said.. Dollmore's quality is very good indeed! I'm extremely/beyond happy with my boy Torrie (in which btw.. what are you deciding on getting? The boy or girl? 8D?) I wouldn't change him for the world ^ ^
    5. I actually have a Dollmore Asha, but her quality is amazing- she poses like a dream. I'm still a BJD Noob a bit, but I find she's wonderful. Dollmore quality is awesome- you can have any eye color you want, and any wig with your doll order so don't forget to request what you want. :)

      Dollmore was fast in shipping- my little Asha was home in exactly two weeks after payment was confirmed.

      Dollmore is a great company.:)
    6. I really love torrie as boy or girl...but I think I am going to get the girl. I love the Alice dress they have her in (although it is out of stock! grrr!). I do want a boy doll very badly but I cannot make up my mind which.
      I have a Volks SD10 Sara and a Lati White Pury and will hopefully have Torrie. I feel she would be a great addition to my little family!
    7. It's true - I requested specific eyes for my two Elf Ellys and specific eyes and wig for my Model Doll and they sent what I asked for.

      You can also request special faceups from Dollmore and they will try their best to do what you want. They did AWESOME jobs on my Banji and Haneol Moon!

      They also send free goodies with your order! I love the candy!

      Yes, Dollmore has great quality, in their dolls, their clothes AND their service!
    8. thanks everyone..i'm feeling really good about my choice now! oh yeah, what size clothes and wigs do they wear? MSD i'm sure...i know they are a little taller than the minifees so I wasn't sure if Volks stuff fit or if you just order straight from dollmore?
    9. I think Dollmore minis are the typical msd size: 42/43cm. Any msd clothing should work for your girl. The Torrie is a real cutie, AND she has all those ears! I have considered getting a boy Torrie, just because of those great long elf ears!

      Minifees are more slim but around the same height and I think a little longer in the leg proportionally. I cannot tell you for sure because I don't have a standard msd. Mine are either shorter, slimmer or taller than 'typical'.

    10. Hey, if you don't mind me asking(not to hijack your thread or anything, Gently210 :sweat ), did they give you the eyes and wig you request for free or charge you for those as well? Probably a stupid question since most places won't give you a free wig, but I've never ordered from DM before and I might get a DM Isaac in the future, so I'm curious~
    11. They give it to you for free.^^ I just noted what eyes and wigs I wanted, as well as their order numbers, and my Sylvia came just like I wanted her, wig and eyes included free of charge.
    12. I just got a Sweet wind Memory Torrie and she's wonderful! Here are some pics if your interested http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=152868

      I also have a Persian Nocturne White which is the same kid body as Torrie and she poses wonderfully! The ears are ADORABLE too!
    13. Wow! That's awesome! :D Thanks for explaining that. :)
    14. I have a Dollmore Momo. He is a wonderful poser, has a nice body, a very unique face sculpt, and is quality resin. I took him on vacation to Hawaii. Here's a pic:


      Good luck with your choice.
    15. I have a Dollmore kid too, an Asha, and I think they are wonderful. They are very good quality, and beautiful sculpts. I love Dollmore.
    16. The one BJD I have wanted for over a year now, as my first, is a Dollmore Narsha boy. A dear friend of mine had one and told me they are wonderful dolls and a great company to deal with.
      sigh - I will continue to dream.

      Can't wait to see pics of your Torrie - I love her also :)
    17. No problem.:)
      Dollmore is very friendly and a great company!
    18. I have an aidan, granted, he's on the old style body, but he's by far the steadiest of my crew, even beats the minifee, the quality is lovely and resin has a nice glow. :) (for the record, my Aidan is taller than my mnf by a good coupla cm's)

      You really can't go wrong with dollmore, I've never had anything but excellent service from them and I've brought from them many times :)
    19. My first doll's a girl Torrie. n_n
      I ordered her with faceup requesting the same makeup as default, but with less sad eyebrows to match her wig color. They did that, and matched the eyelashes, too. n_n

      Her eyes came a little askew, so I needed help fixing it; her headcap is NOT GOING ANYWHERE. XD'' And neither are her ears; they're held to the bottom of the head by ridges and the top is held by the headcap. Meaning, once the headcap is off, you can pull them up to change them out.

      She poses really nicely; her arms and wrists have a really good range of movement. Her left arm doesn't like to lock straight, though. It tends to return to either her hip or her lap. XD'

      Her legs are always either bent at a 90 degree angle or straight, they won't stay anywhere in between. This means she stands like a rock, though. n_n

      Err, the default underwear she was shipped with tends to get stuck in her leg joint. Not a big deal, but I figured I'd warn you. XD'

      Funny enough, her torso measurements are the same as the old boy DOC boy, so shirts that fit them would fit.

      Her arrival pictures are here, if you'd like to see them.

      I hope that helped! n_n'
    20. My first doll was from Dollmore, a Model doll, as was my most recent arrival, a DM Kid Isaac. As said before I've gotten nothing but good service and quality from them. My Kid poses as well as my Model once sueded, which is pretty incredible. I also know they're also pretty durable; I actually dropped my DM Kid onto my kitchen floor once. He was just fine! (I wasn't though XD)