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Dollmore Tanned Kids: Asha...

Sep 6, 2007

    1. OoO! Raven she is so adorable!
    2. She is so cute though I don't really like the eyes they show her with, and the make up is a but loud for me but i love the way she looks in general.
    3. She gives me an Egyptian vibe.
      She's beautiful! Enchanting...

      I hope they make other tans!
    4. *has fingers extra crossed for more tan DM kids*

      It's a ncie tan too, not too orangey :D
    5. wow, gorgeous! and very tempting
    6. =D yay Dollmore is getting into tan! I like the Dollmore kids. I might consider getting a tan one depending on who.
    7. Ooo I like. So many choices, so little money. I like Dollmore kids.
    8. She's beautiful! I've been looking into getting another tanned doll and I've always wanted an Asha ^^ what a great mix!

      I'll have to put her down for future plans~
    9. She is really tempting and I like the eye make-up :)
    10. She looks really nice!! I'd really love to get a tanned doll from dollmore in the future.......but I probablly wouldn't get her with that face-up. :sweat I'm glad that there are more tanned dolls coming out from doll companies, they look really nice.​
    11. So cute! I really want to get her, but my friend said that IRL a lot of the tan ones look very orange and shiny... I'm going to wait to see at-home photos of her in different lightings so I can see what she really looks like in real life before I buy her. :sweat
    12. I think she's adorable, but I can't tell how big her boobs are (I prefer older/mature looking dolls). Any info on what body type she has? Regardless, she's definitely beautiful!
    13. she looks really flat chested. All the other Asha's (I had a Noir) were flat chested as well.