Dollmore Trinity Discussion - Part 2

Jun 8, 2016

    1. Admittedly, I wouldn't mind adding a Klaire to my collection. The Cream Voler version, if possible. lol I just really like her faceup in that set (aside from the dress!). It's not quite as ... strong as the other versions. She looks a little softer. But, I've got a Lusion on year-long layaway right now so it'll be awhile before I even consider buying yet another Trinity. :XD:

      ------ Added notes ------

      Discussion thread for the Trinity dolls from Dollmore.

      Dollmore website: Trinity dolls
      DoA Wiki: Dollmore
      DoA database: Dollmore database list

      Previous discuss threads:
      * Part 1
      * Part 2

      According to Dollmore the measurements are:

      1. Tall : 105cm
      2. Body length not include a head : 92cm
      3. Length from hip to knee : 25cm
      4. Length from knee to calf : 24cm
      5. Circumference of neck : 16cm
      6. Width of shoulders : 14cm
      7. Circumference of chest : 42.5cm
      8. Circumference of waist : 31.5cm
      9. Circumference of hips : 46cm
      10. Circumference of Wrist : 11cm
      11. Length from shoulder to wrist include a wrist ball : 30.5cm
      12. Circumference of ankle : 13cm
      13. Length from hip to Heel : 54cm
      14. Length of Foot size : 12.5cm
      15. Circumference of calf : 21cm
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    2. I've gone shoe crazy!

    3. It's easy to go shoe crazy! I have way too many for the girls! So I try to resist now!
    4. Toys R Us had a sale... So my obsession with shoes won again.


      Also, I found a cute 3-6 months swimming suit.

      The glasses are child sized from the Dollar Store. But they're too big. Oh well. Still cute!
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    5. What a fantastic shoe haul! The white crochet ones in the front and the shiny black dress shoes in the back middle are my favorites!
    6. Ahhh, that swimsuit! So cute! And I love the white slip-ons in the front left. here!
    7. What fun to see all the looks you all do. I have a feeling my Elysia will wear her original outfit only now and then and I have one other trinity outfit for her to wear at times. I think she will be dressed in Target and Walmart and thrift store fun things a lot.
    8. Finally I took some pictures of my Red riding hood Elysia

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    9. She's so pretty! I love the red lips with how natural the rest of the faceup for that release is *-*

      I took my Lumie out for pictures the other day and got distracted by the detailing of her spine at the base of her neck, it's just so delicate :3nodding:

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    10. She's stunning!! Please continue posting her :D

      I never knew Trinity dolls had that little detail! I love it
    11. I have never dressed my Red Riding Hood in her original outfit. I really should! I almost bought her the Grey Road dress set today, but considering my history of dressing her, I decided to think about it a bit more!
    12. The Gray Road set is spectacular!! I love that Dollmore really is coming out with more Trinity clothes.
    13. I love the spine detail. I tried to get a photo of it on my Klaire, but my lighting was awful.

      What outfit is she wearing?
    14. It's so nice, especially since the overall sculpting detail on the Trinity bodies is really pretty but not particularly detailed.

      She's wearing a sweater I made over the lingerie cami she came with (and the plain white Trinity pants); I utterly failed to get a good picture of the whole back, but you can kind of see the bow in that one. The front is pretty simple but it turned out fine.

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    15. I think it's beautiful! (So is your girl ^_^ )
    16. Oh, I love that sweater! And I didn't know about the spine detailing, neat. It's going to be so long before I get my girl, ugh. :\
    17. Thank you both ^^ When your Elysia arrives, remember to sweep her hair off the back of her neck occasionally ;)
    18. She is so beautiful! And Cennie, I love your little lady too!

      I am so excited as I have paid off Elysia and now will be on pins and needles until she comes.
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    19. Yay! I hope your girl arrives soon!