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Dollmore- White and Black Lilith

Dec 3, 2005

    1. o.o VERY BEAUTIFUL! I especially love the outfits they're wearing.
    2. ooh i love the black one. (such a sucker for dreamy dolls) :)
    3. I'm especially fond of the black one. She reminds me of a saucy succubus! :D
    4. OMYGOD! Their clothes = wanna!
      So beautiful!
    5. :D they're both gorgous! ohh me likes
    6. Unf. They are lovely. I like them even more than Asha...

    7. They can't do that to me! Not while I don't have sufficient funds T.T

      *grabby hands* ;_; Soooooo perfect... *shakes fist* damn you >.<

    8. Oh I really love both of them. Im the opposite of isotropic, I usually dont like sleepy heads. But this one I do. I have never owned a dollmore doll before. Are they made well? Nice skin color? And what website would dollmore doll owners recommend to buy from? Thank You in advance for any help/advice.

      Oh...I wish I hadn't seen these 2 beauties...I have christmas presents to buy!
    9. I just got the Rosee Asha and she is really well made and beautiful. She poses really nicely and the extra ears that came with her were very delicate and well done. Also the way they go on and off is very easy but secure. The wig was beautiful and well made also. I ordered through DollmoreUSA.com. The rep whose name is Hyon was wonderful and helpful and she answered emails promptly and processed my order quickly. Also, they sent me lots of fun free gifts. I got my dolls from them(I also ordered a Serendipity ISMY boy) quickly and no drama. I also ordered clothes and wigs and eyes and everything came and was perfect.
    10. The black one is beautiful! *drool*
    11. Thank You Stella...Do you know how long they gave you to send in payment? Because I wont be able to send my payment until Monday or maybe even Tuesday.
    12. ah, i love White lilith ... must stick to doll-plan! must stick to doll-plan! must stick to doll-plan!
    13. Ooh!
      Pretty girls!
      Thank goodness they didn't do Miso or I'd >die<

    14. So gorgeous! O.O

      If only the black one had open eyes...

      They are both such beauties! T____T <3
    15. I keep wondering about one thing. When you look at the black liliths picture, (the one on the bottom), there seems to be a devil tail attached to her. Is that a part of the outfit you get with her or is it something they just did to make her look even more beautiful.

      I almost cried when I saw then, I just orderd my Asha Noir a couple of days ago. I would love to have both of these join her.
    16. I noticed that too, and I'm pretty sure it's a part of the outfit. The white one has a cat-tail. XD

      but I am a bit disappointed at the fact that the black Lilis isn't white skinned.. :/
    17. Oh, I would also love if anyone could tell me how long they give you to send in payment!!??

      EDIT: I just found out!! Payment must be completed within three days after ordered.
    18. Has anyone ordered any of them?? :D