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Dollmore: You Under My Raven Skin

Nov 22, 2016

    1. Hi,

      I was looking at YT BJD videos (again!!!) and came across a Dollmore sculpt in black resin (Dollmore.net :: Everything for Doll & more). The video was uploaded in 2014 and it said it was limited to 10 dolls but when I checked the Dollmore site, the doll is still available. I tried looking for it here but can't seem to find it. Doesn nobody want this? I find it really pretty especially with the gold face-up so I was wondering why it's still available from the site.

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    2. It's probably because despite the limited edition, not all 10 of them have been sold yet (sadly Dollmore dolls aren't that popular, so even their limited editions tend to not all get sold out quickly). I've probably seen one owner photo of that doll around on flickr (and that owner might have also eventually sold her). If you're interested in the doll, why not get her?
    3. Sadly I do not have the funds yet, I just bought an Iplehouse Asa and want to focus on her for a bit before buying another. I might add her to my wishlist though and get her in the future.

      Thanks for the explanation!
    4. Wow, I had never seen a model like her before - she's incredible. That face-up is stunning on her black resin. As you, I'm surprised she hasn't sold out yet - I would absolutely go for her right now if she were smaller.

      That said, I'm not really into her gown. Imagine her in pure red, the same shade as her lipstick. That would look incredible... :love
    5. Right? I've yet to find another doll in her color. You're right about the dress too, I really don't like it, I wishe she's available as a basic doll. The possibilities for her face-ups are endless.
    6. They are! Okay, picture this: keep the gold details, but take out the red in her lips and get them done up in gold/champagne. Add in white accents around her eyes. Combine with a white gauzy gown.

      ... right. I've bookmarked her. I can't take another big doll atm, but in the future, if she's still available - who knows? :D
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    7. There's only 4 of her left but who knows how long it will take for her to sell out she is real beauty!