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DollMore Youth Adam and Eve - Maunier

Aug 22, 2008

    1. That dimple is the cutest thing ever.
    2. He is the sweetest thing. ;o; I LOVE his eyes! And that story at the end is priceless - heh, all molds should come with a little side-story like that. XD
    3. I agree. He's really cute! I just wish Dollmore offered better face-ups.
    4. IMO he looks younger than 15
    5. Wow... that makes me feel better about the dimple in my chin. I am glad everyone thinks its cute instead of gross.

      He is really adorable though.... very tempting.
    6. I totally agree about the cute side story! I loved it! He is just too cute!

    7. Relax... dimples are always cute!

    8. Just bought a doll and now Dollmore brings out this. Not fair. :...( OMG and I've planned him already! Irish, name - Liam. Belfast kid. Likes to annoy the local priest. Steals his step-father's Guinness. Leaves graffiti in his wake. Adores his grandmother who makes a great Irish stew. Sorry, but I love him!

      Now to start saving. :doh
    9. That's too perfect! What a great backstory!
    10. Awww adorable sculpt! I very much like the girl version as well!
      Very Pippi long stockings-esque but sooo cute! <333
    11. i agree, very pippi! love the chin :D