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Dollmore Youth boys - clothing?

Feb 26, 2005

    1. Hello, everyone! I am a newbie who has a question. I apologize in advance if this has been answered already, but I've searched both the forum, the FAQ, and offsite links to no avail. :( Dollmore Joey: http://www.dollmore.com/shop/shopdetail.html?brandcode=082027000002 has caught my eye, and I'm seriously considering buying him...even though my first dollfie hasn't even arrived yet. :oops: (Um, she needs an older brother, yeah, that's it...)

      What I want to know is, will he only be able to wear Dollmore clothing and accessories, or are others exchangable with Dollmore?

      Thanks so much for your time. :)

    2. I think that Joey is actually a girl.

      Dean is the boy dollmore doll.

      I think the dollmores are a bit leaner than SD or SD 13. My Dean can wear SD stuff but it's a little big around the waist. Shirts of the t-shirt variety all seem to fit fine. Don't know about tailored shirts as I have never bought one for him.
    3. ... don't know personally, but if they're slimmer than SD/SD13, maybe they'll be a good fit in Luts clothes?
    4. I haven't bought any Luts stuff, but I suspect they might fit pretty well.
    5. I've been making SD/SD13 sized clothes for Gabriel, and they fit him well. I haven't actually brought anything SD/SD13 sized for him, but I do have a pair of knee high boots that are that sized and fit him well. Don't worry, Joey is a guy. Its Ray thats a girl :D
    6. SapphireMusings, you have Joey and it's a boy? Cool, I had read somewhere on these boards that Ray and Joey were both girls, so sorry if I had my facts wrong.

      Does Joey have the same body as Dean?
    7. According to gigglegeek's site... Dean, Joey, Adam and Calvin are all boys. Eve and Ray are girls. Not that that is written in stone or anything. :grin:

      Loki's Mom
    8. I don't actually own Joey, I own Dean. :oops: But from the pictures his body does seem to be alot like Deans. I read somewhere that Joeys a guy (the same place I read about Ray being a girl). My friend saw Ray and thought she was a guy and I saw her and thought girl. XD We like to guess with some dolls, its funny when you can't really tell their sex :oops:
    9. To Gayle:
      I just relised that when I said that it might have sounded like I was trying to challenge you or something...I honistly didn't mean that! :oops:
    10. Oh, I didn't feel like you were challenging me at all.

      It's just nice to be able to cross check my info, and of course I take all news posted on DOA as fact, from the get go, LOL.

      I like Joey, I like him more now that I know he's a boy........
    11. My Dean, Baltazar, is wearing a Beauuuuutiful suit from Soul Doll & Poshdoll patent shoes; he has also poshdoll platform boots.

      If the shoes are too big, I don't notice.

      The suit is a little generous, but I think that's better than too small.
      I also attended college in the 1980's, so I sort of like the David Byrne look, and this suit is nothing like that oversized.

      And Baltazar can stand up now, thanks to girlcreeture--wired his legs at the Boston mini-meet. :D

      Ann in CT
    12. I like Joey too! He's veeery nice :D But I don't think I'll be buying another dollmore for a long time yet :oops:
    13. I thought Ray looked masculine myself.

      I think she'd make a good boy O_o
    14. Oh, good, so I'm not the only one. I'd thought she was a boy and was SO embarassed when I found out otherwise. ^^;
    15. Do you have any pics of your Baltazar? Id like to see him as Ive got a 'Dean' coming to me any time soon...and there aren't enough pictures of him on this board.
    16. Hello, everyone! Thanks for your replys! They were very helpful!

      <3 Joey! Of course, I keep looking at other SD, but...Joey has stolen my heart. T_T Many dollfie boys have frowns or scowls, but Joey has this nice sweet smile. T_T Well, it'll be a while before I can buy him, lol.

      Don't feel bad about thinking Joey was a boy, these were 3 of my friends' reactions:
      "Oh, when I tilt my head to the side, I can see it now"
      "That's a BOY????????"
      "I think his father had a daughter, but he wanted a son, so she was named Joey"
    17. Joey looks so adorable doesnt he?

      When he comes home I will post pics.
    18. joey is s'posed to be ray's younger brother.
    19. I have a dollmore Calvin, and he shares everything with both my girls - my U-noa and my MSD. No problem. I have some Dollmore trousers, and they fit everyone just fine. I'm not sure about the larger sized dolls though...
    20. Does anybody have Luts boy clothing they could try on their dollmore boy? Please? :grin:

      Adam has kinda caught my eye... uh-oh... LOL.............