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Dollmore Youth Eve & Adam Discussion

Jul 1, 2010

    1. I'm starting this thread mostly because I have a specific question, but feel free to talk about your beautiful girls here ! :)

      I'm having trouble finding my Mio suitable shoes. I ordered a few pairs of boots from Dollmore and they're either too small or way too big. Can anyone suggest me something that fits right ?
    2. Bumping ? :(
    3. Bumping with a picture of my pretty girl ! :)

    4. She's beautiful! I can't help, but I can say that she's gorgeous so congrats and I hope that you and she find shoes soon!
    5. hmm, I can't help you either. I haven't really had issues finding my girl shoes. She just mostly shares with my boys XD
      I did get one pair, the cat shoes that a lot people have, that I had to use her small feet for....but the big ones still work. Which is good because Dollmore Adam feet are huge so all my shoes have to be enormous =_=
    6. btw, here is my girl, DM Fine - Isis

    7. Here is my Mio...Her name is Chinitsu (Summer)

    8. Do you have the large girl feet or the small ones? I have a Black Lilith who is on the old body, and I know with the current body they released two sizes of feet cause the new feet were way too big and could only fit into boys shoes. I would suggest looking at Leeke. Measure the length of your Mio's foot and you'll be able to work out what size fits from there. My girl fits into Leeke, Iplehouse, Dollheart, Soom and can just squeeze into Souldoll shoes.
    9. jenthered : thank you for replying ! :)

      VampireAngel13 : Isis is gorgeous ! What are those eyes ? They are so beautiful ! :fangirl:

      NannaElle : yay, another Mio ! She's so pretty ! I love her outfit. Definitely, black hair suits her... I was trying to avoid it since all my dolls ended up with black hair, but I guess I can't help it... :sweat

      kawaii_mon : what would be the size of large feet vs small ones ? I'll check out Leeke, thank you !
    10. Thank you! Isis has these acrylics from DM
      They were the ones I requested when I bought her <3

      I don't think there is actually too much difference between the small and large feet. The toes on the smaller feet are squished together to make them thinner and they might be a hair shorter...The larger feets just look more like feet if that makes sense. I could be wrong (i'm at work atm with no way to check XD)
    11. Oh, I would never have guessed they were acrylics ! I included similar eyes (if not the same) in my current Dollmore order, so I'm quite happy ! :)
    12. AAHHH! I can't believe I didn't know this thread exsisted. <3 I love Youth Dollmore Eve's, I have a Hwi ki, myself. Her name is Hanafusa Masaki, or just Hana. <3


      Moar pics!
    13. I have a Young Eve Liebe Klum, I have bought a pair of black shoes for her (no high heels) in Leeke last month and they are perfect.

      I don't really find differences between large size feet and small size. I'm looking forward to seeing the high heels feet for her. Dollmore said to me in an email that they are going to sell them soon.
    14. No problem :)
      Oh! And here is my Eve girl, Larinlee. Gosh I love her.

    15. Hey, all. :) I'm starting to save up for one of the Glamor Eve girls, Blanche HoSoo, so I'm not sure if I can chat here, but I'm curious on how easy it is to change hands on DM Eves. They don't have S-hooks, so is the wrist piece something that comes apart, or do you just un-string the arm?
    16. Ellaine, they have resin s hooks in their hands. You can pull the hand out of the arm, and unhook the elastic from there with no problems. :)
    17. I love Mio face, but I don't want another Dollmore body... I need to find a way to get this head ^_^
    18. General chat about all Eve size girls is fine here, but the new Glamor Eves also have their own chat thread ---> [thread=393707]Here[/thread].

    19. [​IMG]

      I have had a Dollmore-Eve since 2007. I did this sort of unexplainable thing though..... I wanted a Lillis Liv, yet at the last minute ordered a Miso head instead. She has subsequently spent most of her life in her box. I made some clothes for her, but ultimately, after three face-ups, decided I just didn't love her as much as my Pullips.

      Well, I finally decided that it was time to do something about it. Last night I ordered the new Ohoo head. Today I climbed up into the attic of my mother's gardening shed and got my doll down from there. I sanded and Mr. Clean Magic Erasered her face-up off so her head was ready to be stored. I bought her a nice red duffle jacket, some tights, a dress, new negligee, a super nice new fuzzies fur wig, two new sets of eyes, boots, and new eye putty. I've been watching videos on doing face-ups and body-blushing, I've been researching like crazy. This time, I think I'm ready to really get into this hobby.

      I included a photo of the first face-up Dollmore Eve: Miso had. I made all the amateur mistakes, so she is not very pretty except from a distance. This time, there will be lots of practice, patience, and experimenting on eye size and color choices. This time, I'm determined to do it right and be the owner my doll deserves.
    20. blue_wysteria : it's great that you decided to take your doll out of her box ! Once you bond with her, I'm sure you won't be able to put her back there anymore ! :)

      Good luck with the faceup ! I will soon attempt to modify a faceup myself, and I'm quite stressed about it. :shudder