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Dollmore Zaoll - Black Romance Luv - LE10

Feb 26, 2008

    1. There is a fascinating Zaoll doll -Luv in with an elegant figure and a beautiful face.

      Her cream tone skin and face-up in a unique charm.... and black outfit..

      She has something attractive about her...

      She is limited worldwide to just 10 pieces. ^^

      * included:

      - Cream tone skin(made of regular resin) Luv head with face-up
      - Cream tone skin assembled body
      - eyes, wig
      - box, cushions, COA
      - outfit full set (all-in-one, choker, skirt, stockings, sandals)
      * She will be shipped out as shown in the pictures.^^



    2. will her face-up come with the blood trickling from the corners of her mouth as on website? I have seen owner pictures and there is no blood trickling?

      Thank you.
    3. I'm rather sure that the LE version will have the blood. My LE Uri Rich came with the blood trickle in he's picture (He's from Dollmore as well).

      The Muse will have the blood, the Luv will not, based on the pictures.