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Dollmore's Coffin Carriage Bags

Oct 10, 2005

    1. Good god, that's hot. I wish it was cheaper, I'd totally go for it. But I already have a carrier, so....
    2. That's awesome. I'm definitely going to be getting one! :)
    3. They remind me of these bags you used to be able to get in a shop in London... maybe they took the idea? I really love them anyway! I might invest in one once I own a normal sized SD ;)
    4. Wow I really like the black one, I might have to get one of those.

    5. Wow! I love that it can be worn as a backpack since my back doesn't allow me to carry bags on one shoulder. But my Kaspar is just not goth, and he wouldn't think being carried around in a coffin was funny. :( And my other boy needs a body before I can justify getting him a coffin!
    6. Wow, those are great. But I just ordered one of Dollmore's new double carrier bags. the backpack idea is fantastic, though.
    7. Wow! I wonder how hard the casing is. It looks like it'd be more sturdy and secure than a normal fabric doll carrier.
    8. When I was loking for a carrier my boyfriend said I should get her a coffin, if these were chraper I'd get one just as a joke. Those really aren't my girl's style and I already have a carrier, but they are really neat. If I had a gothy or vampire doll I would totally go for the black one. I love the backpack idea. They should make more carriers with that function.
    9. Yeah, I think I've seen them around too, especially in Camden. Odd!
    10. SD size $119 w/shipping, MSD size $101. Ouchie! >_<
    11. $119? I thought the price was in USD on the site. *is very confused*
    12. Woot o_o They're so cool! I think I'll get one when I order my Calvin girl, and then ask them to put her inside to save shipping
    13. Yep.. they come from the black rose. :grin:
    14. The price shown is in US dollars, but does not include shipping.

      !@#$% EMS... ruins everything! :x

    15. I like the backpack idea, but the design is :roll: . If they did something like that in a design that wasn't yet another joyful gothy thing, I might be interested. But only if it held at least two dolls. >_>
    16. Since when is EMS that expensive? :? Every time I've used it it's been like $20
    17. Don't shoot the messenger :oops:... I asked and I was told those were the totals. I'm not surprised since the regular dollmore bags are usually around $30 to ship. These are larger and a little more sturdy so it stands to reason they're going to weigh more.

    18. Gah. I feel totally rude for saying this...but...having your dollie in carried around in a coffin...scares me. :shudder
    19. You're shuddering... I can only imagine my Grandmother's reaction :lol:

      Something like this --> :roar

      She thought elves were evil. Should would flip over this.