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Dollmore's New Boy - Model Doll Uri Rich - Discussion

Dec 18, 2006

    1. I just saw the pics of this boy in the News section. Edited to repost the pics link here...


      Does this doll have the new buff body? His legs look quite thin. He is sort of reminding me of the actress Cher when she was really young in the 60s.

      Thoughts, anyone?
    2. I think maybe it's the wig and how they have him posed that's looking Cher-esque. But regardless I think I am in love with that doll, he's hot as heck and would make a great rockstar character. Uh I so don't need anymore dolls on my wishlist!!
    3. ::bangs head against the wall::: oh man I have to get him... but I wanted a Kyle first aaaargh ::whimpers too many lovely boys...not enough cash
    4. He's REALLY hot.. x__x;; Which is odd, because I don't usually like 70cm guys. Damn.
    5. I'd like a straight-on shot of his face, and a few less clos-ups before I can decide whether I like him or not. From some angles he looks great, where as at others he just looks strange....
    6. Owner pics of him will decide it for me. As it is, I really like his face sculpt. The legs do look distinctly ant-like.
    7. GUH. He's gorgeous. I'm in so much love! *o*

      Even tho hes a bit feminine looking, he kinda reminds me of Kim Hee Chul from the korean boyband Super Junior.
    8. xD His lips seem... pointy to me from a certain angle of his face. And his eyes feel too large for my tastes, in terms of my character anyway.

      Good! I was hoping I wasn't going to be too into the new model boy. xD I was afraid I wouldn't want Kyle anymore... but Kyle still suits the character he's designated for... more. : )
    9. Preach it! I completely agree with you! But I don't think I can resist him either. I'm completely a sucker for his look. Reminds me of Husky, who is also a big fave of mine.
    10. I like him but I think I can pass. It's kind of a shame because I'd like a Model M sometime but if theres not one that just floors me he won't make it onto my list. ^^;

      Though I do like the chin and lips on this one. Looks sorta like Bonnie's brother imo.
    11. Whew, I can relax for now until I see owner pics, but Terry needs a girlfriend. I could get my hubby to get him for me and then have some real drama with my dolls:mwahaha
    12. Wow! I think he's really awesome! I like the hands very well, too. :)
    13. Agh, I really like him... hm, actually he fits the character my next doll was going to be better than the one I'd decided on. I'll need to see some owner pics, but... Yeah, definitely lovin' this one. >_<
    14. I have to agree with Damask. It's always the owner pics that really get me on deciding which doll to buy. But he certainly is a hottie :)
    15. Zomg, he's love. <333
      I need him +_+;
      Does anyone know when he'll be on the English site?
    16. Right now. :)
    17. ............................................. @_@ me = want...

      but I know I couldn't just stop with one big boy.... need... justification... sobb
    18. Haha! I totally agree with you, digitalduckie! He does look like he's Bonnie's brother. Or even boy friend! I still prefer Kyle Reese though.:fangirl:
    19. Yeah I prefer Kyle too than him actually.
      He reminds me of Nobility Ryoma
    20. I think Kyle is prettier but it might just be his wig .... it isn't very attractive at all...