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DollnDoll Good-bye (Fairy and Queen line discontinued)

Nov 17, 2011

    1. found on site [notice here]

      [TABLE="width: 100%, align: center"]
      [TD="width: 15%, bgcolor: #F1F1F1"]Title[/TD]
      [TD="bgcolor: #FFFFFF, colspan: 5, align: left"] New Event ; Good-bye (Fairy and Queen Line discontinued)[/TD]
      [TD="bgcolor: #eaeaea, colspan: 6"][/TD]
      [TD="bgcolor: #FFFFFF, colspan: 6"]Hello everyone.

      dollndoll's of the Fairy Line and Queen Line will now say good-bye.
      Received a lot of love for a long time.
      We are really thankful for your support.
      So, (discontinued) event start with a happy heart.

      **Good-bye EVENT Details !!**

      Fairy-Bella x 5pcs (including nomal and white skin)
      Fairy-Jarah x5pcs (including nomal and white skin)
      Fairy-Dark Jarah x 5pcs ( (including nomal and white skin)

      Queen-Kayla x 5pcs (including nomal and white skin)
      Queen-Loren x 5pcs (including nomal and white skin)
      Queen-Dark Loren x 5pcs (including nomal and white skin)

      Queen body part x 10 pcs (including nomal and white skin)

      Several quantity of Queen and Fairy head.

      Discounts ; 30%~40% off
      The duration of the event ; (Start) November 11, 2011 ~ (End) November 30, 2011
      Delivery schedules ; to sequence of order and payment.

      Please note : Orders of discounts events dolls, Membership points are not available.

      Wait for your support ~!!
      Thank you so much.