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DollnDoll Heart Dolls - Discussion Thread

Dec 14, 2010

    1. As there isn't a discussion thread for these lovely dolls, I thought I'd set one up.

      :aheartbea DollnDoll Heart Dolls are 25cm http://www.dollndoll.com/shop/step0.php?b_code=1131695700&c_code=C20080607124314

      They are also available (customs free for EU members) from Angeldolls in the UK!

      As I couldn't find their measurements on their website I asked another owner and she says they are as follows:

      Chest 12cm
      Waist 11,5cm
      Hips 13,5cm
      Inseam 11cm
      Arm length incl hand 10cm (dollndoll says 8cm?!)
      Wig size 6-7
      Eye size 14mm
    2. So I am expecting TWINS in the New Year :D I've ordered Bubble and Mo with faceups (in Bubble's case Faceup A) and I'm really excited to be preparing for their arrival. I have collected quite a few patterns so am hoping to get at least something basic made for them.


      [​IMG][/url] Bubble by kayjay1809, on Flickr[/IMG]


      [​IMG][/url] Mo by kayjay1809, on Flickr[/IMG]
    3. I thought there was one...i've seen it and my friend's posted in it...he has a Bubble and I forgot what the other one was
    4. I searched and there was one asking for a body match and one for clothing but not a standard discussion thread that I could find. Hopefully the mods will combine the two if they find it!
    5. Ah, cool thread kayjay!
      I was under the impression there wasn't a discussion thread for Heart dolls myself. Looked before & wanted to set one up. (Thanks for the mention at the beginning by the way!)

      I have pics on Flickr, so shall definitely share. I'd love to see other owner pics too!
    6. Oh, I just found this thread. Here's my Bubble (I'm quite bad in giving names so she still is Bubble for me) with a beautiful faceup by Grey:

    7. Bonita - your Bubble is really beautiful, and I love her faceup (I had a Byurl with a faceup by Grey who now lives with Mimisstuff). How have you found buying her clothes and shoes? I can find some clothes on etsy for her and I'm guessing most LTF stuff might fit (?) but her feet seem quite small, do you have any recommendations for where to buy shoes?
    8. Well, I don't really buy much clothes for her, the most part I sewed myself. However some Blythe dresses will fit her and I think Bambicrony and Leeke dolls have almost the same size but I've never tried these myself.
      For shoes I bought some cute shoes some time ago. Not sure anymoer where but I think it was this site: click I ordered them in black and they fit quite good. Will have a look if I have a pic in my flickr...
    9. I've got my eye on Sugar - I used to have a Sugar hybrid on the Glot body but sold her :p
    10. Sugar is lovely also, I'm still waiting for news on mine, and I'm guessing it'll probably be at least the end of January before DollnDoll send them to Angeldolls. I'm sorting out my doll/sewing room in the meantime, and have found two outfits I'd forgotten I'd bought for my Lati Green which were too small for her, so hopefully they'll fit the twins. Two new dresses arrived the other day from pumuq on etsy for them also :)
    11. Hi, never been to this tread before, but searched you out after Mo grabbed my heart and wouldn't let go.
      Do you folks like the quality of this doll?? How is the poseablity of these dolls? Are they stable? Anyone want to give me the 411 on these dolls and this company?? Do they ship fast or slow??
    12. Mo is lovely isn't she? As soon as I saw her I knew she was coming home! I'm still waiting, it's been a month now but with Christmas I'm expecting it to be another month at least.
    13. I'm not that experienced with BJDs, I have two Latis and once had an Unoa and a Kid Dollmore. I love her one-piece-body, but that's just my taste. She's kind of floppy, but that's maybe because I don't play that much with her. The company shipped quite fast when I ordered her. The only thing I don't like that much is that the normal skin is a bit yellowish, and my Bubble has yellowed quite a lot. I want to try to de-yellow her but had no time till now.
    14. I love Dollndoll's customer service and they've always shipped my dolls pretty quickly. I think the resin is nice and weighty.

      They are my favourite cheap company, definitely!
    15. Mo is very cute! I have to say DollnDoll are excellent quality for the price. The poseability isn't the best out there (the torso is one piece, for example) but it's not terrible. They are very stable at standing though. DollnDoll ship pretty fast usually, but they do tend to be a bit slower during event times (like now - got a notice on their site about it I think) but you do get a discount price & free gifts + a lottery entry. Could be worth the extra week or two. :)
    16. bumping this thread, I ordered Mo, thanks so much SarahRachael! I should have tried to save up for the YO-Tenshi I wanted but screw that! lol Mo is such a sweet girl, can't wait to have her with me!^^
    17. Congrats, I'm still waiting for mine, but they already have a few little outfits and wigs waiting for them :)
    18. She is a really cute sculpt! Hope you like her. :)

      I got news that your Mo is finished now! Just waiting for your Bubble to come back from the face-up artist, I believe.
    19. :fangirl: Thanks for the update! They now have wigs, shoes on order and dresses from etsy for when they arrive :)
    20. bumping this great thread again...Maybe you guys can help me. I know these cuties wear 6-7 wigs but I'm afraid that Leeke 6-7 (or what they call 6-6,5) might be too big since dollndoll heads still seem to be on the smaller side of Yos, especially when compared to Bambicrony or so while Leeke wigs are quite big. I do remember that someone told she had a 6-6,5 Leeke wig on her Iplehouse MSD. what do you think?