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DollnDoll Kings, Queens & Fairies: Discussion

Oct 26, 2010

    1. Doesn't appear to be a discussion thread for the big DollnDoll lines?

      Would love to chat with anyone who owns (or is thinking of owning) any of these dollies.

      To start things off, I wrote a review of DollnDoll Fairies. Might be useful to some!


      Any pics/questions from anyone else? :) Don't seem to be many of these ones around.
    2. I used to own a Serendipity doll, he was one of my first, and I still regret selling him. I actually love Lucien, I think he is very cool. I think I will go read your review now SarahRachael!
    3. Hi, I really want to buy DollNDoll Loren. At first I was thinking of buying Kara from Luts, but after seeing Loren, something clicked and I said that she'll be perfect for my Zhile. So now, she's my goal for December.

      Does anybody know if DollNDoll offer something like a Winter Event? That would be nice...
    4. I have a D. Ines. Had her since early '08. I absolutely adore her. She's always out, never shoved in a box and is my go to when I want to sew something. She has always been yellower than any of my other dolls and god knows what they used to seal her face because it's shiny, but I luffs her anyways. (I've not seen or heard of anyone else's being that way, so it may just be my dumb luck?) I'm sorely tempted to get the new Nocturne, but as a girl so I'll have to wait and see if they sell the head seperately.
    5. I've recently got a Loren head, and I'm completely in love.
      She's really beautiful, and the quality is great!
      Also, DnD was really nice the whole time~
    6. My Loren will be coming in sometime in 2 weeks and I noticed that she doesn't have heeled feet. I wanted to get her a pair and also some hands. Could someone please tell me what company resin matches the DnD normal skin? It would really help a lot.
    7. Can anybody show me what Loren looks like with 18mm eyes versus 16mm? I just wanna see how both sizes look in her head.
    8. Don't know if anyone comes here anymore but well...
      Here is my Dark Jarah, Onirie


      I adore her, she's really gorgeous to me :aheartbea (but I have a hard time finding the right wig for her)
      It's sad she is not more popular...
    9. I think they're lovely dolls too, and under-rated. I recently got a Queen body for a Peakswoods head and the match is perfect. The body is awesome, I completely love it. It poses so well.
    10. I'm thinking of getting a King Lucian for myself for Christmas. I just think that the bodies and the sculpts are so elegant. I would love to see some owner pictures of him (but it seems he's so rare around here!).
    11. Hmm...there's doesn't seem to be much interest in these dolls anymore. Still want one though! XD Bump for Lucian!!
    12. *Pokes head in O.O* I ordered a King Lucian.....just thought I'd post here. Where is everyone?!
    13. {raises hand} I'm here! Actually, I was wondering that too. Either there isn't much interest for this line of dolls anymore, or something that we don't know about? Anyway! I'm here for the Diamond line. All their dolls are beautiful and adorable!! I find it fishy how we don't see very many of them here on DoA :/
    14. I have a King Yuha and genuinely, that body is the best poser I've owned outside of Fairyland sculpts yet I know of merely ONE other?! Honestly, I suspect they're just one of those hidden little gems that get lost in the mass of new sculpts out which is a shame, because they're immensely photogenic and utterly glorious...if a little unconventionally beautiful LOL

      I will say, tho, that when my boy arrived, he had some of the worst seamlines I've ever seen, to the point where I cut myself on them, so their quality control needs some work.
    15. :'D Finally! People to talk to! This wait has been so lonely TuT. The DollnDoll waiting room is just desolate. But my guy is on shipping now and its awesome. I ordered him on the 19th of July and he shipped the 17th of this month. So not a bad wait time at all.

      Lulu O__O You're scaring me a bit with that seam-nightmare story. I hope my boy's body is smooth as a baby's bum.
    16. Wow, that was quick! I ordered the body during their event in January and it didn't arrive until July and even then after prompting. I want another body for another floating head, but was worried about the time it's taking to ship. But yours was quick which is reassuring.
    17. shannonc60 Yeah it was really quick. I take it DnD doesn't have too many orders at the moment. They've got 3 different events going on at the moment. There's the office move discount, the shipping refund (which I got to my surprise), and the new SNS event (I think all you have to do is post a pic of your DnD doll in the gallery).
    18. Hopefully the seamlines have been improved since my boy's production! ;) Since someone on DA asked me to demonstrate the posability of my Yuha, I thought I'd post the link to the shots here too. Might be useful for prospective owners :)

      Clicky for large image

      He's pretty much immune to gravity *nod*
    19. Does anyone know if getting a blank doll whether the Jarah or Dark Jarah are actually the same or not? I want to get a custom faceup for her whenever I can afford to buy her. I am just curious if it actually matters which one I order if I get her blank.
    20. I have a D. Ines and her sculpt is the same as the regular Ines. I would assume the difference is in the face up. They are lovely dolls. I hope you can get her soon!