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dollndoll mayo

Apr 30, 2012

    1. just noticed this on the dollndoll site.
      It looks like they allow you to customise a doll head to a certain extent. You can choose eye shape, nose placement and mouth shape.
      lots of fun doing the mockup!

      (NB I'm not a rep or associated with dollndoll)
    2. Wow, that's awesome! Is this a limited offering, or basic?
    3. Copied from the dollndoll site. It doesn't say how long the heads will be available, but i think the discount on the matching body is until the end of May

      "Hello everyone

      Until now, could not be seen,
      Create your own doll!

      Mayo doll will introduce to you.

      Mayo Doll in the category of left Click on

      Face, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. .. Choose the style you want.

      You will have your own doll.

      To celebrate the launch of Mayo doll,
      Mayo doll head and if you buy with the King body,
      King body is a 25% discount.

      The duration of the event ; Fron now ~ at the end of May.

      Please many interest !!

      Thank you so much. "