DollnDoll: New line Heart Junior Naro and Miro

Oct 18, 2011

  1. Couldn't find any announcements about these two and the new line. Please delete if old news.

    Miro (girl?)

    Naro (boy?)

    Blank head sculpt

    Heart Junior boy body
    [TABLE="width: 100%"]
    Height: 28.5cm (about 11.22 inch)
    Shoulder width: 5.7cm (about 2.24 inch)
    Circumference: 6cm (about 2.36 inch)
    Length of arm (palm up): 9.5cm (about 3.74 inch)
    Circumference of arm ; (middle of shoulder and elbow ): 5cm (about 1.97 inch)
    Chest: 12.5cm (about 4.92 inch)
    Waist: 12cm (about 4.72 inch)
    Crotch: 3.5cm (about 1.38 inch)
    Leg length: 13cm (about 5.12 inch)
    Hips: 15cm (about 5.91 inch)
    Wrist circumference: 3cm (about 1.18 inch)
    Thigh circumference: 8.2cm (about 3.33 inch)
    Foot size: 4.2cm (about 1.65 inch)

    Don't know whether or not there is a girl body, can't tell with the sales pages which gender each of the dolls are, please ask DollnDoll for more info. :]
  2. Update: They are on topic. ^^