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DollnDoll opinions?

Sep 6, 2007

    1. I am interested in DollnDoll's new 60cm boy Raam. The fact that shipping is free now and the price is lower than average make him even more attractive. I am quite sure nobody has one yet, but I wanted to hear opinions about the girl, Shade, from owners. How's the resin quality? Poseability? How tightly/loosely are they strung? I know a lot of people have other companies' dolls from them, so if you've ordered from DollnDoll please let me know how the service was!
    2. Uneide has a Raam.
    3. loz64...no need to worry...Shade is simply exquisite. I'll admit it but only to you, lol...I have three! Basic Shade, Knight of the Moon and Spirit of the Dark Moon...each different and yet.... The resin is lovely and I think her face and body sculpt is perfection. She is slender and delicate especially her long fingered hands and has a grace about her none of my other bjd's have. The people at Dollndoll were wonderful and generous. I requested eye colours which they gladly sent and twice sent an extra outfit, plus stands and extra strings. Also, all three girls were sent within a week of purchase and the last one was free shipping!
      The only thing I would change is they were all strung a bit tight making the legs kicky but sueding their knees and hips should fix that, if I ever have the time. Sorry I can't include pictures right now, camera problems..but I would love to see and hear when you receive her if you feel the same magical quality about her I do. Hope this helps...

      PS...Just checked on Raam after you mentioned him OMG!...more love at first sight...I'm done for, lol!
    4. Thanks Wifey and oggi! I think the time is drawing near when I shall put an order in for Raam... I actually prefer for the stringing to be tight rather than loose, so that's good to hear. Sounds like the customer service is good too. Thanks for your opinion ^_^
    5. Sorry if reviving this thread is bad.

      I want to order a doll from them, but as of late they have been extremely slow to answer Q&A items, and it seems shipping is taking forever. I would like to hear more feedback on this....
    6. You'll probably get more of a response to your thread in the Buying & Shipping questions subforum, since you're asking primarily for company feedback and information. I'll move it there for you now! :3nodding:
    7. I have a DollnDoll Shade. She was my first doll; it was love at first sight and I have never regretted my decision.

      Her resin is beautiful and almost translucent. Her proportions are perfection.

      Her faceup is so perfect I would never change it and if anything happens to it I will send her to the best faceup customizer I know and try to get it just the same!

      I bought her from DollnDoll's own eBay seller (ebay seller ID: thesauros71). Her name is im sung jung, and her email address is thesauros71@yahoo.co.kr (this is also the paypal payment address of DollnDoll). I had good communication from her at this address. My doll arrived 18 days from the date of purchase, all the way from Korea to Utica, NY.

      Akiko was quite kicky when I got her, but I sueded her hips, knees and waist joints and she stands by herself really well - better than most from what I have seen in person. I also glue sueded her shoulder joints because her arms were a bit floppy (I wish I had known about glue sueding when I did the other joints, because it is sooo much easier! I found all the information I needed right here on DoA). I managed all of the sueding without taking her apart - I haven't had the nerve to try that yet.

      Last but not least, here is a whole thread dedicated to this doll:

      Even though I rather like that there aren't too many of this doll around, I must say that I highly recommend her.
    8. I am also thinking about buying Raam soon-ish. ;) So all this was interesting to hear.

      However, I do have one question, as far as requesting wig color, eye color, etc... should I just enter it in the "order comments" box? Or, should I just wait for my doll, cross my fingers, and maybe buy extras on the side?
    9. My communication with Dollndoll has been quite good so far. I have a Raam ordered, my Xelloss, and he's the next doll I am waiting on. He's going to be the third doll, out of my five, that I ordered directly from the maker company, but he's my first from Dollndoll, so I can only tell you that they've been good about responding to my opening inquiries about him. I can't speak as to custom requests from Dollndoll, but when I receive my Raam I'll be plenty happy to let you know all about him if interested. I fell in love with him right away from the pictures and I can't wait until he gets home to us!
    10. I'd be VERY interested to hear how long it took, and to see the pictures!

      (I might just order without asking for anything special, and keep my fingers crossed. I already know where to get a good wig if I have to.)
    11. Dollndoll took about 2 weeks, I think, to get my ines shipped out.
      I didn't request anything, but if you want to, putting it in the comments box in the order'd probably be best.
    12. I really want to order Dark Ines... it's safe to say that's what my "economic stimulus" check is going to be spent on. Guess I'll be stimulating Korea's economy! She'll be my first SD sized doll. I just fell in love with her! I've been looking for an SD sized girl and just sort of stumbled across the Dollndoll website by accident. Is this a relatively new company? I wonder why they're not more popular, their dolls are wonderful!
    13. I was wondering if anyone had a bad expierence with these guys ^^"
      There wasn't a thread about them so hey, I'll start one!

      Please include the following in your review:
      What did you order?
      When did you order?
      How was the communication?
      How easy was it to pay?
      How long did it take to ship?
      Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
      Did the item look like the sales pictures?
      Were you satisfied with the product?
      If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem?
    14. Well, they don't have many molds. That might be one reason; they might just be better known for selling other companies' products.
    15. please delete post
    16. I received my Raam at the end of last month, he took about a month total from payment to receiving, but I got him with faceup. He is a little different-looking in person than I expected from their pictures. I had no problems with Dollndoll.

      They sent with him a fur wig which actually did not quite fit his head, but fit my Elfdoll's head just fine, and also a pair of awesome boots that I think were actually Customhouse boots for their SD-size dolls.

      I posted a picture of Raam in the one Dollndoll database thread, if anyone wants to see him, but the eyes in that picture are not those he came with. If someone wants to see a pic of him as he was when I opened the box first, let me know and I'll post one here or just load it on photobucket and send you the link via pm.
    17. What did you order? Raam.
      When did you order? Beginning of March.
      How was the communication? Communication was good, they notified me of payment and of shipping, which was all I needed.
      How easy was it to pay? Payment was easy by Paypal.
      How long did it take to ship? About a month from order to arrival (I did order their faceup as an added option, not just the blank doll).
      Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion? Raam is a very nice-quality doll, so yes. I would have bought him at the old price, actually, but the new lower prices made him an even better value.
      Did the item look like the sales pictures? Not quite, his chin is a little more pointy than I thought, his ears are also differently shaped than I expected; the photos don't show enough angles of him to really understand his face shape, but it still works well for what I was looking for, it just wasn't quite what I had thought.
      Were you satisfied with the product? Yes, very. They included stuff in my box that I wasn't expecting, like velcro for the head, a pair of boots.
      If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem? I was not dissatisfied, but Dollndoll seems very responsive to their message board questions in my experience, and were prompt about communication, so I expect their customer service would be as good in the case of a problem.
    18. In what way was he different from the promo pic? I'm SO drooling over Raam at the oment, but if he looks different from the picture... Well..

      So I would VERY MUCH appreciate a picture of him being unwrapped :) Here or by PM, your choice :)

      How does he pose?

    19. It seems there hasn't been mentioned much here about DollNDoll (Doll & Doll) http://dollndoll.com - and it makes me a little vary of them...

      Can anyone either confirm that they're ok, or confirm that there's a good reason why these dolls seem so hyper rare here?!

    20. I'd also like to know, as I'm considering a doll from there... Thanks for any feedback!