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DollnDoll 'Spade' Dolls

Jan 9, 2011

    1. Well I searched and there doesn't seem to be a thread for the DollnDoll mini sized dolls so thought I'd start one up.

      Here's the website link http://www.dollndoll.com/shop/step0.php?b_code=1131695700&c_code=C20081008032801
      They can also be bought from Angeldolls in the UK, customs free for EU residents

      I rather like the new 'Neige' doll http://www.dollndoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=1177 and would be interested to hear from other DollnDoll owners about their posing, what clothes and shoes they fit etc etc
    2. I *love* the Spade line of Dollndoll dolls.... they are so unique and characterful. I am very much hoping to get a Valentine sometime this year, maybe! I would love to hear more from owners of any of the Spade dolls too ^_^/
    3. I'd love to see who else might have them too. :)
      Been meaning to write a proper review of them, once I have one around long enough!
      If I give you an overall of what I know for now, might help a bit.

      Much like other DollnDoll's, the quality is excellent, especially considering the price.
      Still have a one piece torso though, which might be of a deal breaker if pose-ability is very important to you. :)
      ETA: Although actually, I found there legs are good at posing (the thigh is split into 2 parts).

      Some pics here as well, do have more somewhere, just need to upload them. Hope this helps for now!


      In terms of accessories, these fit well:
      Luts, Dollga, Leeke World & Bluefairy wigs.
      Shoes - again Leekeworld, Luts & Bluefairy.
      For outfits, - Another Space, Luts, Flower Doll Room & Dollmore
    4. Ooh, SarahRachael, that's so useful! Thanks so much!! :D Your photos are so beautiful. It's good to have an opinion from you! <3
    5. I'm thinking of getting a dollndoll Neige, and would love to see owners pictures of her to see what she is like :) I'd also like to see any pictures of her in white skin!!
    6. I could be wrong but I think she's a new sculpt
    7. Oh right, i just thought if anyone has her i'd love to see pics :)
    8. Me too! She's a good price through Angeldolls in the UK, I would be very tempted if I had the dolly money available. I've got a couple of DollnDoll YoSd sizes on order, both NS, and I'm waiting to see if I like that skintone before ordering from DollnDoll again. I think Neige would look lovely in WS :)
    9. That's what i thought when i saw her, she has such character in her face. Can't wait to see your babies :)
    10. 'Mo' arrived a couple of weeks ago and 'Bubble' yesterday. Both are lovely, the resin is really nice, and a lovely tone. The dolls were packed really well, with a free wig, eyes, shoes and gorgeous outfit. I would be very happy to buy DollnDoll dolls again (and probably will!!). Check out my flickr for pics.
    11. joining this thread, I have a Spade Ann, she is amazing!
      Being my 2nd arrived doll, she is much more poseable than my SD sized doll
      The only thing I hate about her, is that she stains very easily. Her outfit that came with her had black netted stockings, and she only wore them for a few weeks ( I even soaked them to get extra dye out) and her legs were stained everywhere!
    12. Hi! I have a Spade Ann, she is beautiful! It is very flexible. Martisha my very first BJD.

    13. Anyone still watching this thread? :)

      Anyway, I've received my cute Spade boy Reve yesterday, but I'm at a loss with his clothes. Seems like I don't have any mini clothes that would fit him, so I'd like to know any recommendations where you guys shop for your spade dolls :XD:
    14. Hi guys.
      I just wanted to confirm if the Ann/Charles sculpt is the late Dobby from Serendipity. When I came back after a few years of disconnection from the hobby I found that Serendipity no longer exists and I've always wanted a Dobby.
      Thank you!