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Update DollnDoll will stop producing Bubble, Sugar and Bonny

May 12, 2012

    1. Just saw this notice at DollnDoll:

      Hello everyone,

      Dollndoll will soon stop producing bubble, sugar, Bonny from the heart basic line.

      They will each return as a unique version of their own.
      And so before we close down the basic line, we have decided to have an event.

      Event duration ; May 08 ~ June 10

      Heart Bubble, Sugar, Bonny ; 30% discount !!

      We would sincerely like to thank everyone for showing all their love for bubble, sugar and Bonny.

      Thank you so much.

      Link to notice
    2. Mikka's Dollhouse are offering the dolls to European customers for pre-order with an event discount, as well!

      You can find the dolls here! The prices already include European customs fees, import tax and so on. :D