dollnoize discussion

Mar 19, 2020

    1. this is a discussion for german artist dollnoize and their mature 1/4 sculpts over 50 cm tall.


      they currently have one doll available, wrath, who is available in normal and tan skin. he is a mature 1/4 scale doll who is 51 cm tall.


      has anyone else pre-ordered wrath yet? or does anyone have him from the last ordering period?

      i personally ordered him in tan, with his gauges and fangs removed. the little pointed ears i couldn't resist though, so he's keeping those.
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    2. Congratulations on ordering him! :D I have not, but I've been obsessed with him ever since I stumbled across the artist on instagram. :love His 50cm size is what's making me want to wait a little as I tend to prefer bigger dolls. I've heard that they might be planning for a 70cm though... :abambi:
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    3. I feel exactly the same way! Love the sculpt, but he would look weird with my SDs.
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    4. I want one in tan so badly! But right now the funds don't agree with the purchase...
    5. I really considered getting Wrath. I showed him to my cousins, but they were not enthused. I quite liked him.
    6. Yay! Love there’s a thread for these guys. I’ve been holding off on ordering until their 70cm versions are released— and I’m so excited to see the new sculpts.
    7. I'd really want Wrath but it's not financially possible for me to order him yet.
    8. I preordered him in Tan, i dug deep and found the funds i needed.

      i also plan to order the 70cm ones too when he is available... i saw him and instantly knew i needed him.

      i only own a volks msd at this point, do you guys know what clothes may fit him so i can do some looking!
    9. thanks! i’m very excited for him! :D

      i hope that the artist does make a 70cm doll so that people who prefer the bigger ones can get the sculpt they like in the size they want!

      so fair. i’ve seen some owner comparison photos and wrath definitely looks weird compared to some bigger dolls. he also looks a little off next to some other mature 1/4 sculpts, so i expect it will be a little tricky to find him suitable companions.

      congrats on your wrath! i recall seeing the artist say that a lot of sd13 clothing fits well, but i would expect it’d run long in the sleeves and legs. i was planning to get some cheap/baggy sd13 sweaters to try, and something uhh-...stretchy for the pants ! :chibi

      it seems like if the artist makes a 70 cm version it will be very popular! my only hope if they do, is that they continue making the smaller ones as well! :3nodding:
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    10. Definitely a doll artist to watch, promising start!

      To me, the proportions on all the pictures I saw still look off, I have to admit, as if using a more SD sized torso with a more MSD sized lower body and head. Could be just me, though. I expect this would even out with the 70cm dolls to come, so I am excited for those!^^
    11. @Mandagore his legs do seem pretty small in some of the pictures, but there are definitely some where the distortion is less extreme and he looks pretty normal. it’ll be impossible to know for sure until wrath is in hand tho !!;)

      if the artist made a 70cm doll, i wonder if they would do wrath, or a different sculpt instead!
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    12. Different sculpt would be nice too. But I certainly can't wait for customer pictures of Wrath. :)
    13. There is a few in Instagram
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    14. You can tell from the gap between his thighs - if these well muscled legs were in scale with the torso, the gap on a human figure would not be quite so wide. The reason for the gap being so wide is that the torso is too large/ broad for those legs. Always refering to a nomally built human figure of course, not a figure with an artistically changed proportion. But I am sure you are right, pictures can be so deceiving, depending on the position of the camera f. i.! <3
    15. I've got a tan Wrath on layaway - I am so excited to see him in person! :D Hopefully the longer layaway means all this virus stuff will be over and done with and he'll be able to be shipped safely between the caster, artist, and myself.
      I don't usually do mature minis (though I do have one, he's a Bishonen House guy so super comic bookish aesthetic), I know EXACTLY where he'll fit into my story. I got him with the gauges and elf ears, but asked for the fangs to be removed. He'll be half high elf, half dwarf. I've already got his father's head (was an accidental head...long story), and really, it was me playing with the head that sparked the idea about how Wrath will fit into my story. :)
    16. @Quiet and Insane what an interesting story! what head sculpt is the father? is he the elf half or the dwarf half?
    17. He's a Granado Enoch! I ended up with him as a spare after Granado sent me the wrong colour and said I could keep the incorrect head too which was incredibly sweet of them. I originally planned to use him as an experimental piece for an elf-ear mod and then just keep him to model the wigs I make...but when I came across Wrath it all just clicked into place. So he's the elf half, while his mother is the dwarf half.
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    18. dollnoize announced a new doll called envy on their instagram (here, and here) !

      according to the post he will fit the same body as wrath! the artist also hinted at more dolls in the pipeline as well as jointed hands. if the artist offers sales for heads only i will probably be unable to resist, since their head sculpts are so beautiful!
    19. I saw him! I am super excited about the jointed hands. I'm an absolute sucker for them!
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    20. So I'm popping in to join the glee; I managed to snag a minty-new Wrath second-hand and he should be delivered today! I look forward to sharing him with everyone.

      So far, I'm keeping myself "sane" by doing measurement comparisons between Iplehouse FID, Soom Idealian51, and Souldoll Vito, just to see what may and may not fit. I also happen to own an aGatti Thor who has measurements in that same general sizing, so I do happen to have just a couple of items that may fit Wrath when he arrives home. More updates to come!
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