Preorder [Dollnoize Wrath] Spring pre-order

Mar 2, 2020

    1. Hello everyone!

      This is DollNoize, I'm a newly estabilished artist from Germany :)
      In order to celebrate the official start of my online company, I have opened a pre-order for my latest doll, Wrath!

      He is a mature 1/4 doll!

      The pre-order launches today and lasts until April 15th. Available are:

      - 10 light skin dolls
      - 10 tan skin dolls

      You can visit my website DollNoize for more info! If you have any questions, please kindly direct them to [email protected]


      Thank you for visiting!
      Have a lovely day ♥

      Instagram Dollnoize
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    2. He's so beautiful! Is there a chance to be able to buy just his head thought??? :D i love it a lot! Great work!
    3. I'm very glad that you like him! ^^
      As for this pre-order, he is only available as a full doll, I'm sorry!

      As for the future, though, it might be possible :)

      Thank you!
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