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Dollpa 12 After party lottery?

Dec 9, 2004

    1. instea dof last time, where it was a maaad rush to get the dolls direct and the sold out quickly, volks is letitgn everyone who wnats one get in on a lattery - maybe they have 10 kohyas available, and 100 people enter register for the lottery. 10 of those people will get a chance to buy kohya.

      I actualy like this better than a straight sale - everyone has an even chance at getting the doll.
    2. Do you think they will say how many of each doll will be available?
    3. Ok guys......
      :? :o
      I'm freaking over Kohya now......
      Has Volks ever done a "lottery" before, and if so, is this good news for people who want to get a doll, or bad, since they never have enough dolls on lottery?

      I'd just calm my stomach
      and buy him from Domuya, but Elf Lishe came in a little higher than I had planned, so now I can't afford their exorbitant markup....can't even believe I'm considering it, but I'm getting frantic now that I'll have to resort to Y!J and end up *still* waaaay overpaying for him!
    4. They might or might not. they did not sya it for dollpa 11, but they did sya they had 20 kaede. so its up in the air.

      this is the firts time they have done it for the web that i know of.
    5. Excellent! It's happening on Christmas Day! I have the perfect excuse to be late for Christmas dinner that will surely alienate me from my family!

      Hope this lottery's gonna include clothes. ME WANT V-JEANS RARR SMASH
    6. I'm a bit confused by the whole lottery thing myself...I assumed it would be done the same way as last time, on a first-come-first-served basis, which makes sense to me because that way the most attentive people (or desperate, or whatever) get one. If they're doing a lottery, how would it be run? Everyone buys one, and the people who lose get refunds? Or people put their names in and if they get drawn they have to pay then? What if soemone wins, then doesn't have the money to pay? Does it go to the next person in the "lottery" line or something?

      Has anyone actually asked Volks about this, or are we just making assumptions?
    7. I second the clothing wish. Avesha wants some more... always more more more

      Gads but I love her.

    8. kiyako - i don;t think they charge your card unless you get selected, you probibly just reister by mock checking out and then you wait to see if you get an email or soemthign syaing you got him.

      this is pure speculatin though.
    9. I'm pretty sure what happens is that everyone who puts themselves into the lottery gets a 'ticket' of sorts. The tickets are then randomly drawn, and those people are able to buy their doll. Those that aren't, miss out (unless someone decides not to buy after all I guess, although Volks may have a 'must pay no matter what' system where they take your CC and just charge it.)

      Volks have never really said how many they have of the LEs. Only for special things, like Madoka Kimono, or Isao Chapter 2. Kaede isn't limited as such - they had a pre-order period.
    10. Well, I'm not too worried, 'cause the doll I want doesn't seem to be in hugh demand, but if I'm not chosen in the lottery for her I'm gonna cry my eyes out (I WANT Mirai II!!!!!!!!! :cry: )
    11. Hmmm...well, I guess we'll all just have to wait and see what happens...I'd hate to have to resort to YJ to get my Kohya....but I will if I have no other choice. >.< I'll try for the lottery first, then see how it goes.

      - Kiya
    12. Just as a heads up to everyone interested - I mailed Volks about Satogaeri service on the LE's, and they sent back that yes, if I manage to win an LE in the lottery and am willing to pay the extra fee, they can sand/coat (and suede, though I'm not interested in having that done) him for me. It'll just take 4 weeks extra (as anyone who has read the notice on their site about Satogaeri already knows).

    13. What's sueding?

    14. Sueding is when youline the joints of a doll with moleskin or suede so they won't slip. It helps them keep their position. Another option that does the same basic thing is wiring, which is when you run plastic-coated wire through the doll's body so the wire holds poses for it better.

      Personally, I prefer wiring. Some people like sueding. It's a matter of preference.
    15. ...My Jun even came with a flyer about Saitogaeri -- apparently you can even send the dolls back to get it done. I don't know if this is offered exclusively for the Haute Doll LE's, but it might be available for any Volks doll, even one bought on auction.
    16. So how do we let Volks know what items we are interested in? I mean how can they have a lottery without knowing who wants what. Also their website doesn't have pics or descriptions of the new items, so how do we know what they have an how much it is?

      It says to be registered to get in the lottery, I have been registered on their home page, but have never gotten any emails.

    17. I know what you mean - I only want Kohya, but I'd wondered about this same thing for other people. And I'm also registered on the Volks website, and haven't heard anything from them, or seen anything on the signed-in "my Volks" page there.

      **sigh** I'm so confused...and very desperate!

      :oops: It looks like I'll have to do a payday advance to be able to have enough money actually IN my bank account to be able to get him... I've got a $400+ paycheck on the way (i've bene working LOTS of hours these last couple of weeks), but it won't be here until the Friday AFTER Christmas (my work only pays every 2 weeks...damn them...), so it won't help me unless I do an advance. Grrrrrr...

      Of course, that won't do me any good at all if I don't get payment on the doll I sold two months ago...

      Tel me...If I sell a doll in October, and it is agreed that the payment will be all sent and I'll be able to ship the doll out by early-mid November, is it reasonable to be a little bit impatient if the final $350 hasn't come by mid-late December? >.<

      So, if I DO get paymetn on the doll...and I DO do a payday advance..then the only thing I'll have to worry about is actually winning the lottery. **droop**
    18. I wouldn't have sent the doll until it was paid for fully. But you may have made other arrangements. If it was a large amount I would have used an escrow service.

    19. Oh the doll isn't shipped yet - I'm not that dumb! I'm just wondering if I should give a refund and re-sell it at this point....I really do need that money, and I've given MORE than enough time...

      And .... ummmm...what's an "escrow service"? *_*

      Also, when the deal was oringally made, I was going to pay shipping in return for prompt payment....that's obviously not happened. And at this point, if they want the doll by Christmas (which they do) it would have to be shipped Priority or Next-Day mail, rather than Ground....I'm not sure how much that is, but I really don't want to have pick up the cost of that simply because of how long they've taken in paying. Ground only takes about 7 days , so it would've been fine if the payment was sent in on time.