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Dollpa 14 - After Event and Online Shopping - Updated 22/12

Dec 10, 2005

    1. Volks put some information!!

      Dollpa 14
      Place: Tokyo Big Sight
      Date: December 25th- 10:00 am to 16:30 pm

      After Event
      Place: Volks Showrooms, Tenshi No Sumika, Tenshi No Sato and website.
      Date:January 21/22th- 10:00 am to 20:00 pm

      Online shopping!!!
      You can buy dollpa's limited at the same time that is the dollpa in japan!

      Someone will buy a limited?
      Good luck for everyone!!

      Updated 22/12:
      See this:
    2. Does anyone know if that means they will be on volksusa.com or volks english site?
    3. I'm so clueless...Do the onsite Dollpa people get priority during the selling of the limiteds over the online people, or is it pretty even? If I actually have a smidgen of a chance to get him, I really want to try for the SD16 boy :)
    4. Do you think there will be two chances to get the limiteds online? like once during the Dolpa as it says and then again in the January after event?

      That'd be awesome because I won't have my money for the SD16 until Jan. Oh well, if not, at least I've already got my Hewitt money saved up (now I just have to hope I can manage to get him, he's seeming really popular).
    5. Hmmm... I wonder if it would be cheaper to buy from the January online event or the usa site. I imagine they will list the prices in US currency on the US site like they do for the standards they're selling which is a bit higher than the conversion my CC gives me.

      So hard to guess which will be better. I wonder if they'll put links up on the US site ahead of time.

      So many questions, but it's so exciting and so nice that Volks is giving the North Americans another alternative to the crazy after event.

    6. I'm under the impression that this is for the US site only. But that doesn't mean you're excluded from the after event. You can still have a chance to get them in January. They do this so as not to exclude people. The Volks USA site is for people on that continent, but the Volks English site still services everywhere else. You'll also notice that the prices are higher on the USA site and that there's very little selection. I don't think they have any intention to do away with the English site, as it's their way of servicing other countries.

      Be thankful for what you have, instead of bitter about what you don't :P
    7. The after event will be on the international website too, I'm sure :) It would be daft if it was only the Japanese and American ones :) I have to have some of those glasses!

      Although I'm confused... where does it say that they're selling at the dolpa and the website simultaneously? It looks like that's just for the after-event O_o
    8. Look in VOLKS!!
      Look the Event Schedule!!
    9. So No sumika thats the LA office right! so if you don't get your doll online there is still another hope. :)

      After Event
      Place: Volks Showrooms, Tenshi No Sumika, Tenshi No Sato and website.
      Date:January 21/22th- 10:00 am to 20:00 pm

      I looked on this page, but I dont see the part where they say that on the day of dolpa there will also be the online buying for USA?
    10. This is it, please tell me if i'm wrong!


      Place: VOLKS USA INC. Tenshi-no-Sumika in LA
      Date: December 25. 2005

      VOLKS USA which has been opened since November 19, will hold Dolpa online web shopping in time with the Dolpa in Japan.
      It is a Christmas present from VOLKS USA to our customers in the US, Canada and Mexico. We are looking forward to your access.

      * Please wait. The web site mentioned above is now being proceeded with the preparations.
      * Availability for the web site mentioned above is limited to those who have a residential address in the US, Canada, or Mexico.
    11. Nope your right, you have to log in in order for the message to show up :)
    12. No no you just have to register at volks (like you would sign up to order and luts or customhouse).
    13. Oh found it!! I was looking on the wrong page, its on this page, if you scroll down under the EVENTS section.


      And the actual site taking the orders on the 25th is the usa site here:

      Says in time with the dolpa in Japan, now just to figure out what time that is on the east coast LOL.
      Date: December 25, 2005 From 10:00am to 16:30pm

      I bet they will give us the online US site time when they are ready.
    14. Rock? isn't that the name of the class head msd?

      HEY stay positive!! I think this event will be much better than the normal volks online event where they sell out in seconds. This is for the USA and I am sure as they have the LA store there will be more available now.
    15. School bodies and heads are ONLY available if you take the painting class at Dolpa in person. So they wouldn't be available from anything but the secondary market anyway.
    16. I'm wondering when they say that the US event will be in time for Dolpa, will it start on Dec. 25th Japan time or US time?
    17. You know, you could ask someone taking a painting class if they would be willing to get a Rock head and sell him to you at cost plus a small service fee. :daisy

      Many people sign up for the painting classes for the value of the classes themselves, and have no interest in keeping the heads. There are members who might be willing to get a Rock head for you, if you ingratiate yourself to someone thinking about signing up.

      But yeah, Rock is not one of those items that will be available online - only with a painting class.
    18. No he is not that high on the secondary market! I just saw him for sale on YJ and he sold for just 400.00.

      Save you money and keep your eyes on YJ!
    19. I was presuming they'd have painting classes at L.A., but I'm probably wrong.

      As Treelore pointed out, $400 on the secondary market at Y!J is really quite good.

      At any rate, this thread is for the After Event and Online shopping, and Rock is not available, so talking about him and the other painting heads is off-topic. I recommend posting a "WTB" thread in the doll marketplace. :daisy
    20. Hi Treelore,

      If the Volks USA event is to run concurrently with the Japanese Dolpa it would start at 8:00 pm EST on December 24 and end at 2:30 am on the 25th.

      I wonder if Volks will post the prices in US $ before they go on sale. I'm also curious if they will have outfits.