Preorder DOLLPAMM "★Separate body" begins to pre-order!

Jan 10, 2018

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      We will begin pre-ordering separate bodies on January 10, 2018.

      Pre-order period: January 10, 2018 - January 30, 2018
      (NEO68 Body can be ordered by January 15, 2018)

      - When ordering a separate body, you can only choose Milky skin(Cream white) or cheese skins(Nomal skin).

      List of separate bodies available for order:

      LOLI V.01 Body - 28cm(Excluding head)
      LOLI V.02 Body - 32cm(Excluding head)
      SHOTA V.01 Body - 32cm(Excluding head)
      TINY V.01 Body - 22cm(Excluding head)

      For more information, please check our Dollpamm website.

      Please visit a lot.
      Thank you for your interest!

      Dollpamm Sculptor Dr.Mes


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    2. What resin colour does the cheese skin match? Volks? Your own Pingki or Honey skin?
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    3. Are there any not blushed photos of any of the bodies in cheese skin?:) Also wondering about the resin match.
    4. The entire body of the body was photographed too different from the actual skin color.
      The color of the picture below seems to be the most similar to the actual color.
    5. Cheese skin is the color of DOLLPAMM's new color.
      Sorry, I don't know for sure that the color of my cheese skin matches the color of Volks (normal).
      Resin color is very different depending on the date produced,
      I didn't know the exact color of the Volks.
      Thank you~
    6. Fair enough. Will you be offering your heads in cheese skin at the same time or in the future?
    7. Later, I will adjust the skin color type a bit.
      Then I will add cheese skins to the separate heads and other SET dolls' skin color options.
      Thank you~