Update [DOLLPAMM] Add the resin color of skin color selection!

Apr 6, 2016

    1. [​IMG]

      April 6 today, other resin color select option has been added in our dollpamm site.
      (Camel skin, Honey skin, Pingky skin, Milky skin - 4 kinds)

      All products, except the PEPE Line and Special limited edition has been added to skin color option.
      <Additional color options of Product Line : SHOTA Line, LOLI Line, BEBE Line, TINY Line >

      And all ACC parts will be changed to MILKY color. (Will be applied from April 6.)

      [Further notice]

      ● This month, We will launch a new product on Shota line and tiny line.
      ● This month, PEPE Line 2th sales and new head of the will be added.

      Thank you for your interest.

      DollPamm Sculptor Dr.Mes
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    2. Hi, I have quick question.
      A while ago I decided I wanted one of your dolls in camel whenever I was ready in the future.
      However, the old pictures of camel skin looked like a typical sandy tan, I feel like the new picture looks more like a purple-ish brown.
      Does it have that purple undertone in real life too?
    3. Hey LadyGalaxy, I ordered a camel skin from Dollpamm that just arrived this March (2016), and it is a bit purple. Not quite as dark and purple as it looks in the photo above, but more like a sandy purple that's between "camel" and "pingki". The new colours might be a bit different than mine though.

      At first I was like "woah, she's purple?" but now I think it's not as severe as my first impression, plus I like that the doll's skin is a different hue than any other tan dolls. Definitely not a "sun kissed" tone, but I'm sure once the resin starts yellowing with age she'll seem less on the purple/pink side. : )
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    4. Will we have photos of any dolls in the new Honey skin? I'm very interested! <3
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    5. You can check the honey skin color of the doll in our PEPE line.
      LINK - Handicraft BJD sculptor Dr.Mes shop "DollPamm"

      Sculptor Dr.Mes
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