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Dollpamm Moe Line

Dec 30, 2018

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    1. I am very excited about these girls!! Already ordered Mai with her extra face plates. :thumbup
    2. also ordered a Mai, but only with the smiling open mouth faceplate ^^ cant wait to get her
    3. I didn't realize they were limited at first and now I'm sad I can't afford one! I hope they re-release them consistently.
    4. I believe that there\s going to be another order period for them some time in the future. IIRC Dollpamm made a comment saying as much as a reply to a question on their Instragram.

      They are super suepr cute (especially the smile Mai) but won't really fit in with my doll family so I won't be grabbing one myself. I am, however, looking forward to seeing spam of them when they begin to arrive!
    5. I’d love to get one myself as I love anime dolls! Alas, no dolly money. Please everyone who gets them, share your girls!
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    6. I need a boy version of this body and I left a Q&A under the Sculpture Suggestions section. They are nice enough to answer that a boy version will be released in the future and I hope they will. I just don't want to get my hopes up.

      I will patiently wait. :celebrate:whee:
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    7. Oh I am with you on this one. Thanks for sharing.
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    8. I desperately tried to scrape together enough for Hina but no luck this time. I hope there's a future pre-order I can get in on. -_-
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    9. I hope you get that doll! :3
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    10. I want one so bad! I just found out they're limited and I'm so sad!!!
    11. Hopefully the mocha girls aren’t sold out by my next cheque. I’m completely enamoured by the smiling faceplate/tan resin combo.
    12. Has anyone received one from the first preorder yet? I haven't seen any and wanted some owner reviews before I just drop the moolah.
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    13. i have one is there anything you want to ask about, i really like mine, but have not had time for a faceup yet , the resin quality seem nice, and the doll is easy to stand and pose with.
      sorry for her half dressed state, dont have a full outfit for her yet. and her eyes have not arrived. hope to post more of her later ^^

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    15. @shadow_catty your girl is adorable. I can't wait to see what you'll do with her! I do have a couple of questions for you: Is her eye size really 22mm? Her eyes don't seem much bigger than my Crobidoll Marisol and she wears 18mm eyes. Where did you order her eyes from? Also, did she fit a standard 7-8 size wig with no issues?

      Also, I caved and bought a mocha smiley Mai. I've never given a face-up to an anime girl before, so this should be fun!
    16. @taixonay i use eye size 22mm for her, there is a lot of space in the headcap, the ones in the picture is from volks, they are from another dollfie the lucy maria misora i think her name was. i wonder if she can fit 20 mm may be worth a try
      and i dont think she can fit a standard 7-8. the one i use is 8-9 from litch

      congrats with your girl <3 she will be a cutie for sure
    17. @shadow_catty is that resin the peach? I've been dying to see it in comparison to the cheese and I'm honestly inlove.

      @ anyone else in the thread: The next preorder should be in 2-3 months, I emailed dollpamm to ask about it and that was the estimate they gave me!