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Dollpamm Moe Line

Dec 30, 2018

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    1. I am very excited about these girls!! Already ordered Mai with her extra face plates. :thumbup
    2. also ordered a Mai, but only with the smiling open mouth faceplate ^^ cant wait to get her
    3. I didn't realize they were limited at first and now I'm sad I can't afford one! I hope they re-release them consistently.
    4. I believe that there\s going to be another order period for them some time in the future. IIRC Dollpamm made a comment saying as much as a reply to a question on their Instragram.

      They are super suepr cute (especially the smile Mai) but won't really fit in with my doll family so I won't be grabbing one myself. I am, however, looking forward to seeing spam of them when they begin to arrive!
    5. I’d love to get one myself as I love anime dolls! Alas, no dolly money. Please everyone who gets them, share your girls!
    6. I need a boy version of this body and I left a Q&A under the Sculpture Suggestions section. They are nice enough to answer that a boy version will be released in the future and I hope they will. I just don't want to get my hopes up.

      I will patiently wait. :celebrate:whee:
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    7. Oh I am with you on this one. Thanks for sharing.
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    8. I desperately tried to scrape together enough for Hina but no luck this time. I hope there's a future pre-order I can get in on. -_-
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    9. I hope you get that doll! :3
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