DOLLPAMM Neo Line ladies

Dec 30, 2017

    1. The body is breathtakingly beautiful and delicate. Only minus side I see it's the size, 70cm? That's very big.. I would see this body as a cute girl 58-65cm next to other dolls but woah, this moe girl is BIG.. I hope they would release her in smaller size too, tbh.. Nothing against tall girls but this kawaii face would be cuter for a short little girl..
    2. The body is slammin! like wow! But also really big and really pricey! Still I have my eye on it! I have a Volks head I would LOVE to put on that body! She has a body, but I feel like she needs a new one.
    3. Theyre up for sale now...putting one in my cart, it says the shipping fee is $7. That cant be right lol:XD:
      I dont think these girls will be in scale with hardly any other dolls. Maaybe Ringdoll teens? My RD Amethyst has a 10" head.
      Im a teensy bit disappointed that these girls have different skin color options than their other lines, camel skin would be awesome.
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    4. The body is gorgeous; those curves are beautiful! :love (I am so glad to see that it has mobility thigh joints - always a huge plus in my book!) It looks like the upper body measurements aren't too far off of those for an M-bust Iplehouse nYID girl, so I wonder what the fit would be like for those clothes.
      I'm not that concerned about her being so tall - my collection seems to be going that way anyway despite my efforts - but the head is a little big for my liking. If I could find a suitable replacement head then a hybrid would definitely be on the cards!
    5. I love the body, and I think it is great that it is so big. I'm missing big girls. However, the heads are not really my style, so I would used the body for hybrids :D
    6. Learning something new everyday I guess:XD: Those cats ears are just too perfect.
    7. Well, I ordered Olive. Ive been stalking DollPamm's flickr ever since he began working on her:lol: I think she will look very different with a custom faceup.
      Now, off to find her some giant eyes and clothes~!
    8. This line so tall!! I love that about them~ I'm eyeing Canna, but her sculpt is a little more anime-ish? Or animated and less realistic haha. But I really like Canna nevertheless, and the body looks sooooo gorgeous. I might not get her now, but hopefully soon, since I know I read that DollPamm will be selling this line again soon, so I'm content right now to just wait for owner picks ^^
    9. My Olive shipped today! So not quite a 3 month wait-not too bad!
    10. I'm looking forward to seeing owner pics, as I also really like the body and how tall it is. I also like Canna, but she wouldn't work with the dolls I'm thinking of using the body with.
    11. The timing is just out of my reach. T_T I hope they'll be available in the summer! They're so lovely, I really like Olive's expression. ;__;
    12. I’m super tempted to order a Canna.
    13. Does anywhere show the flat feet? Or does anyone have them?
    14. love the Olive girl, which is funny considering I thought I'd always be into tinies/yo-sd!? she's way too big for my space I have set aside for dolls though which is a bummer! I hope the sculptor can shrink her for a re-release one day?? (unlikely) lol! :XD:
      her sculpting is just beautiful though, wowzers
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    15. I've just discovered these beautiful dolls, can anyone tell me what there posing is like?
    16. There's a nice review of their posing on BJD Collectasy
      ~DollPamm Canna~
    17. @Anglerfishee thanks so much for linking that review, it was just what I wanted :)
    18. I'm hoping they do a re-release at some point. I know they already did one a few months ago, but the original release and re-release were bad timing for me.

      Also, that review of the posing was great! I was really wondering about this since the Neo line is new.
    19. I was lucky to see Cydril’s Olive during Resin Rose this past weekend. I am determined to order one of these girls next time they open up for order.
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