ReRelease [DOLLPAMM] NEO68 / MOE43 line will be re-released!

Jul 2, 2020

    1. Dollpamm - MOE(Anime type) line

      DollPamm - NEO line

      DOLLPAMM - NEO / MOE line will be re-released!

      PRE-ORDER : July 8, 2020 ~ July 31, 2020

      ★ NEO line doll will only accept orders up to 30 sets during this order period.

      If we receive orders for up to 30 sets of Neo-Dolls, the sale of Neo-Dolls will be over regardless of the period of this order.

      ★ MOE Line's Mocha(tan) skin option will be available during this order period.

      MOE - Mocha(Tan) skins are summer limited skins that can only be ordered for certain product lines during specific sale period.

      MOE - Mocha skin(Tan) will only accept orders up to 30 sets during this order period.

      (When we receive orders for 30 sets of mocha skin dolls,

      MOE Basic set / MOE43 Body Mocha(tan) skin options will be removed.)

      For more information, please check our Dollpamm website.

      Thank you for your interest and support.

      Doll artist Dr.MES


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    2. Will NEO68 bodies be separate to order or will it be full dolls only?
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    3. On website I can see a previous body offer, I'm not familiar with the whole ordering dolls thing so would appreciate help. Will the doll be a available with the head? What will be appropriate price for the set with head (again, sorry could only find body, and it's so stunning that I feel urge to have it).

      Edit: I'm sorry, disregard, I didn't see the menu on the left

      I just saw that this girl is a very big one! I don't see that any of the smaller dolls would have her "body type", would you consider in the future adding similar type but in smaller scale?
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    4. The body can be ordered separately. :) Thank you!
    5. do you plan to rerelease loli v2 girl body in the future?
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    6. In the future, I plan to re-release it after completing a new head for a small size BOBBLE. :)
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