Limited Items [DOLLPAMM]New line 'SKINNY' doll will be released!

Nov 12, 2019

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      Hello! everyone~

      Finally, Dollpamm new line 'SKINNY' dolls are ready for release.

      In addition, MOE line is re-released on the same day.(Pre-order period: November 20, 2019 ~ December 25, 2019)

      Release Date: November 20, 2019 ~

      Release Dolls: Unicorn Seravie/ Unicorn Icarus/ Human Seravie/ Human Icarus

      ●Limited edition of 100 sets each

      Unicorn Seravie doll set / Unicorn Seravie head

      Unicorn Icarus doll set / Unicorn Icarus Head


      Human Type-Seravie doll set, Human Type-Seravie Head

      Human Type-Seravie doll set, Human Type-Seravie Head

      ●Period Limited

      Skinny boy body (November 20, 2019 ~ December 25, 2019)

      For more information, please check the product details page of our website.
      Thank you for your interest!

      Dollpamm Sculptor Dr.MES



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    2. Is it 100 for full doll AND 100 for heads?
    3. Yes, each 100 is limited. :)
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    4. @DollPamm Do you know the time the sales will open up on November 20th?
    5. The start time is not fixed.
      Not sure, I expect to open after 3 pm Korean time. Thank you~ :)
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    6. I just released it.
      (It became November 20th before I go to bed.)
      Thank you~ :)
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