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DollPamm!!!- Part 2

Sep 18, 2015

    1. I have Chi-Ka.
      But she lives on Tiny body.
      [​IMG]IMG_4121-5 by altoy, on Flickr


      DollPamm website: http://www.dollpamm.com

      DoA Wiki: DollPamm
      DoA database: Loli (All)

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    2. Got my shipping notice for Arubi last night!!!! /o/
    3. Ooohh I'm so excited! That means it will come soon! :-)
    4. Ooh, congrats to everyone getting shipping notices! :D I had to go through a dealer (had to do a layaway to order in time to snag that sleeping head), so hopefully this means mine's on the way to the dealer, and will be on her way to me shortly after!
    5. My split partner messaged me this morning saying our order shipped out too! So excited!

      Its gonna take awhile to get my heads though, they live on another continent *_*
    6. I can't wait to start customizing her!! I am torn between sweet or mori. What are your plans?
    7. I have to see my girl first to really get a handle on her character I know I'll love her but I gotta see her face to face. Mine was also purchased through a dealer, dolkus in specifics I got an email saying they were told she was shipped. So excited.
    8. [MENTION=68052]altoy[/MENTION] Chi-ka is really cute!! I love her expression!!

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    9. Love to see your Chika! As i expeted she looks great with the non default face-up.
    10. LemonMeringue


      Thank you so much.:daisy
    11. That's great to hear! :D I ordered through dolkus, too, but I haven't gotten an email from them yet. Fingers crossed!
    12. She's now in San Francisco! Should get to Washington Monday or Tuesday :D
      Spent last week working on my faceup and airbrush skills so I can paint her up asap!
    13. [MENTION=9386]Angel kat[/MENTION], I can't wait to see yours! I don't know if it'll make me more or less patient to get my own shipping notice! :D
      [MENTION=69935]LemonMeringue[/MENTION], so sorry to hear that. :(
    14. I just saw that my split partner got our order today! She isn't able to open it til after work though, so I gotta wait for pictures.
    15. They'll all ship out soon :-) patience is so much of this hobby it hurts sometimes.
    16. Im really surprised to see people are already selling their Arubi. Dollpamm dolls seldomly endup in the marketplace.
    17. My Arubi left Customs this morning! So she may arrive as early as tomorrow. I haven't quite decided yet what I want her faceup to be like, but am pretty sure about wanting to use white lacy-patterned temporary tattoos or nail decals on her body somewhere...and I think she's going to have short (maybe fluffy) white hair.

      Question to other soon-to-be Arubi owners: Are you planning on having your Arubi's hoof-heels painted to be more "natural"/hoof-like, or more decorative/shoe-like?
    18. Saw box opening pictures with my heads and they're gorgeous!

      After staring at the blank heads for awhile i'm thinking the open-eyed head will be the boy and the sleeping head will be the girl. I really wanna find them some quadrupedal bodies so they can be semi-anthropomorphic little deer. Finding a body like that for sale is gonna be the hardest part, especially at a reasonable price because I need two of them, eek.
    19. Sweety berry - Kapochka :)