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Dollpire discussion ( Dollmore Vampires )

Aug 1, 2009

    1. Yay, the twins arrived today!! I was expecting a blonde girl but mine came with the black wig (maybe cause i ordered the halloween sets to go with them). Here's a pic. before i go and post lots in the gallery!
    2. She's beautiful! You were lucky to get her as she is sold out. I love her eyes.
      Well, feel better as Narshas are not actually made by Dollmore, I think they are a separate company.
      Black Melody Narsha was my first dream doll, and I got her! I do love Dollmore
    3. Stella I am glad I got her too, I was thinking of putting her off for awhile. So glad I didn't.
      I think you are right about Narsha being made somewhere else. I remember when I first got her (second hand) she was on a different web sight.
    4. Narsha are sculpted by Gu Mi Jeong, who used to have her own company, and Dollmore was just a distributor, but now the dolls are cast by Dollmore. Which is why the price changed a few years ago.

      I'm not sure what the arrangement between Gu Mi Jeong and Dollmore is though. I hope they pay her well.
    5. Did anyone notice that DM got more Shiloh? :-) Anyway.. Her is a photo of my girl in here new cloths.
      It is hard to get those sleeves over the long nails isn't it?
      If you want to see more you can look here:
      She is so fun to photograph..
    6. But you never know templeton, if you really want a doll and they are limited you might find yourself disappointed. I think Dollmore is really reputable, if they said 44 I am positive they are not just making more. If they decide to sell more, they would make another edition. Asha has gone through several incarnations, as have other of their sculpts.
      On a lighter note, my boy came yesterday, thanks so much to Psychekat! I will post a box opening later, here is a teaser :
    7. Stella
      I love changing eyes too. I know many people keep the same color eyes in there dolls but I have not been able to do that. I love how it just changes there personality sometimes drastically. Maybe that is because I am a beginner at bjd:-)

      Here are a few photos of my Domina with red eyes.

      With her dark wig

      With her blond wig. Also a bat crown I made for her today.
    8. I would love to see shiloh in yellow eyes. Especially cat eyes. So if anyone has a photo I would like to see. The green eyed shiloh in the gallery is beautiful too.
    9. Well, they were his "default " eyes, but I got him second hand, lolz. I believe he comes with the blue and red eyes they show in the promo pictures.
      Templeton, did you see this? I almost want to get her just for the Aletheia head. Like I need another. I just love her so much.
      Here's Lido with some gorgeous all gold with glitter eyes, I got them from Captured in Glass me thinks[​IMG]
      That is his sister Vyvyn with him, she is a Rosee Asha.
    10. I dont remember if i posted her here in her red wig XDD but here:
    11. Can you still buy these? I'm a bit confused :S
    12. just checked the dollmore website and neither are sold out yet. I think they may have upped the amount of dolls they made.
    13. Yes there are still some available ^^
    14. Now that I think about it, Shiloh boy looks like my brother when he was younger *_* but they're still cute ^^
    15. my twins got a new outfit each (:aheartbea dollmore!)
      a great excuse for some pics, hope you like them