New Company Dollprika - Introducing Nival.

Jul 31, 2017

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      Hi! I would like to introduce you to my first BJD head: Nival. Inspired by “Urola Nivalis, a type of white moth. It’s also called “Snowy urola moth”.

      Dollprika is a single artist company, based in South America. I'm the sculptor, customizer and also the manager of my own shop.

      "Dollprika" is the contraction of the words "Doll" and "Paprika". While my main interest is develop dolls with unusual or exotic facial features, my goal is to produce spicy dolls. In other words, dolls with an intense presence.


      Nival was created last year (2016) and was professionally reproduced by Haru casting.

      He uses 70 cm bodies, but can take 65-68 depending on your preferences. It may take 75 cm too, but I just tried Spiritdoll Herculean body.

      Nival Info

      Head size: 8-9 inches.
      Eye size: 11-12 mm
      Color: Normal skin
      Price: $160 USD + shipping.

      I have a small quantity of Nival heads in stock (Normal skin).
      If you want one, you can send a PM here or contact me to [email protected].

      I'm still working on my website, soon you will be able to purchase my doll heads on

      Some Nivals with faceups:






      Please Pm me if you need any extra info or if you have any question!​
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