Dolls and Cafe?

Aug 30, 2018

    1. Hi friends! I was snooping around old threads on bjd cafes around the world and it seems like there's only one cafe by Nine9style in Korea. Sad to know that although bjds are relatively big in Asian countries, there's only one bjd cafe out there. This kinda makes me want to start up a bid cafe too ^.^

      On another note, do you take your bjds to small cafes (not necessarily for doll meets)? I personally have brought one a few times to a local cafe, but the employees there were my friends or I kinda knew them, and the other customers didn't seem to mind it.
      Why or wouldn't you bring a doll to cafe at least once?
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    2. Well I didn’t got to the meet up last time but some of my friends did and they went to a bubble place.
    3. Cafes in general are something that it's really hard to go over a certain number of them within a certain geographic area because there is a limit to the number of people who will frequent a cafe. I'm not sure if it's a matter of BJD cafes are unpopular, just there are probably established cafes that are more popular that any doll cafe would have to compete with.
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    4. I do like the idea of having mini-meetups with people at a cafe, and bringing dolls along... although I've never been brave enough to actually do it. There have been a couple of occasions where I have brought a doll with me, but they're either stayed in their carry case, or been held bellow table level :| it didn't help that each time I was there with just one other person. Perhaps I needa go with a bigger group so there's safety in numbers!
    5. I’ve taken my doll to the library when I need a quiet work space and to get out of the house. If personally love to take one with me to a cafe, especially if I was gonna meet with other doll lovers.
    6. I've taken my dolls to museums, to restaurants (cause I wasn't about to leave my doll in the car) and to the craft store but not to a cafe. Might have to.
    7. I have taken dolls to cafes for doll meets, and I kind of never want to do it again. :sweat Between the crowded space, food/drinks near the dolls and a random stranger's small child grabbing my thanks.

      If it were specifically a doll cafe or a place where the doll meet was in a private room, maybe. I've taken BJDs to the American Girl cafe and that was fun. They even attached a seat to the table for the dolls and gave us tiny cups and plates for them! And any kids in the cafe were having their own lunch with their own dolls and weren't interested in mine, a huge plus!
    8. I take dolls to cafes for doll meets with my local community all the time. We meet at least once a month so it's a pretty frequent occurence! I haven't taken them out when I go on my own though, mostly because I'm afraid someone might be very hands on and try to mishandle them. Greeks aren't the most discreet people on earth I'm afraid...
    9. it would be reallg expensive to open a doll cafe considering not too many doll owner/people who admir dolls that would go to cafes like this will live in a small area so cafes like that cant really earn their money back. and people wouldnt really travel between countries to go to a cafe.
    10. well, so far i have never taken my dolls anywhere, mainly because i on't have any doll friends in my home town. i have seen (photos of) many of my online doll friends (from other states) hang out with their friends in cafes & malls with their dolls, & thought i'd love to join them but, so far i never had the chance to really hang out with them yet.
    11. Actually Nine9style is the most famous doll cafe in Korea.(I live in Korea^^) But there are many other places like Freedomteller, Chicabi, Macarong, Jeu de poupee and so on. I am going to visit one of these places with my friend and doll tomorrow. But I often go to cafe with my dolls where there are no dolls.:)