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Dolls and Conventions

Apr 3, 2005

    1. As con and vacation season starts up, I've been thinking about what I'm gonna do with my "kids"... For those of you who bring dolls with you to conventions or other trips, how many do you bring? If not everyone, how do you decide who to bring? T_T I can't imagine trying to manhandle 4 kids along with me, especially in costume at Otakon, but... eep. *_*
    2. I took one of my dolls with me on a family trip to canada. i ended up tkaing the doll who I was not as bonded with. It REALLY helped us click.
    3. I would never bring Ichii to a big con, like Anime Boston or Otakon. No way, José. Now, if I had a tiny little one, like an ElfDoll or AGA-Fairy - someone who'd fit in my pocket - I'd consider.
      I would, however, take him to a small, local convention - we'll be at Bakuretsu! - or on a weekend trip with the family.
    4. i dont know what im gonna do come otakon time. im gonna be in huge costumes and try to carry 3 dolls @_@. possible 4.

      i took moon to katsucon with me for a day. it wasnt bad at all. i enjoyed it. rxcept fot when people kept running into the wings i had her in. -.-

      if you have a hotel for otakon (i wont) just bring all your babes and choose which dolls you wanna bring at certain times.

      one day im bringing moon and the other day im gonna bring my twins.
    5. I can't see myself bringing more than Kuro and Kika to a con, and I'd only carry one at a time. Dammit, Luts bodies are heavy! *sprain wrist, laughs*
      One doll is all right to manage - Kuro's a dream! but more than that is crazy, I've learned from experiance.
      Shin'll probably always stay home unless it's a doll meet and I can find some way of getting his ears to stay on better. -_-;
    6. ^^; I took Jaede, my CP El, with me to A-kon for four days. I live in Minnesota, so he sat in my lap the whole way on the plane to Texas. I carried him nearly everywhere, even while I was in costume, going out to lunch with some of my friends... It was so fun! I'm going again this year and bringing Jaede as well.

      Jaede holding my CD player for me as we wait for our plane. ^^V
    7. I'm going to be taking my three dolls with me to Acen this year. I'm pretty sure they're going to be spending most of the time in the hotel room since I'm on staff and will have to be working most of the time.

      I have a question for people who have taken their dolls on planes with them. *glances at above post* Did you have any trouble with their transport? How did you carry them? I have an actual carrier for my MSD, but I wasn't expecting to have a body for my Ein, and I'm not sure what's the best way to bring him on the plane. Do you think a backpack would be okay?
    8. I'll bring both ^^ to anime friends (an anime event that we have here)
      We all willcosplay if God bless us with this opition! ^^
      Mikael would be Mikael
      I'd be Sara at first day and Gabriel another day
      and Choco would do same as me XD but when i'm sara she is gabriel when i'm gabriel, she is sara ^.~

      Love love looove *___ (I'm totally loving them more than normal today!
    9. I brought my Dollshe Salubia, Xaion, and Cutie Delf Mary, Cally, with me to Lunacon, an sf regional in NJ.
      I only was carrying Xaion because I need to fit stuff on her while I was sewing it.

      Serious muscle build-up, and I'm still kind of sideways from all the weight. :)

      CD M was a lot easier to carry--she's only 10" & proportionally weighted. And the best posing doll I have, so a very good ambassador.

      Both dolls seemed to have a good time.

      Ann in CT
    10. My boys come out with me all the time. Even on normal shopping runs. XP
      So of course they come to conventions too.
    11. I was going to bring my girl (and my other if she shows in time) to Acen but then I mentioned it and my mom went into a paranoid tantrum about how I was NOT taking something that expensive out of this house!!!!!111one.

      Ah well.
    12. I took two DoD in a DoD carrier with some 1/6 on my last planetrip, and it was fine. It and a purse. The carry-on limits are actually fairly big, but check with your airline on length if it's an SD sized carrier. ^^;
      Both my Luts-bodied boy and CH bodied boy can curl up in my messanger bag and ride quite well in it, though the CH body isn't quite as flexible and his feet stick out the top. ^^;
      I've never had any problems bussing with my boy on my lap - just keep on mind whatever else you'll be hauling around the airport. Suitcase + Carry-on + doll in arms might be difficult to manage. ^^;
    13. There have been whole discussions about travelling with dolls and bringing dolls on planes, but I'll just say that I didn't have carrier at my disposal. I just carried Jaede in my arms and a backpack on my back. I hope to have bought a Luts carrier by next A-kon, since I'll have more wigs and clothes to bring than last time. It's fun carrying him and having everyone stare, but I'd rather have a carrier just to be safe.
    14. I take Bastian took just about every con I go to - I usually only leave him in the room if I'm cosplaying.

      Griff just had his very first con outing yesterday at BG's Animarethon - I think he enjoyed it, for the most part. I just have to learn how to handle two dolls at once. I think he was a bit peev'd at me for passing him off to other people while I got situated so many times. But all in all I think it's something he'll want to do again.

      I plan on taking both my boys around with me to ACen, even in cosplay this time, as they'll both, hopefully, be cosplaying with me.
    15. I discovered that if need be, I can stick Luke in my messenger bag if I need both hands at a con. And that's what I did while I was staffing, and just carried him the rest of the time. It's easier with the smaller dolls because they don't weigh a ton.
    16. Well, since I usually go to cons with the intention of having an Artist's Table, they keep me company the whole time. XD It's rather fun to have them displayed all nicely along with my art, especially when people reconize them from the prints I have set out! X3 When I'm not at my table, I either pick one (or two!) to carry with me, or I enlist some of my friends to help cart them around. or some stay in the room. But i can't imagine not taking them to cons with me, especially when most all my characters that ahve a doll form (current and future) spawned directly from my comic. I have plans to have a big group cosplay for us all at otakon this year, so i hope I can get it all done! X3
    17. I took Audrey to Ohayocon three days after I got him ^^; He doesn't even let me leave him home from the grocery store let alone a trip somewhere. One of my main reasons for going these days IS to do doll meetups and play with everyone's dolls. He gets dumped in my/a friend's hotel room if we're leaving the con to eat or if there's a concert, but otherwise he's with me. My friends (the ones who aren't loaded down with dolls themselves) are happy to take him off my hands if need be. You just have to be careful; I've had someone try to lift him out of my arms and carry him off ~_~; That person was rewarded with a new asshole.
    18. I'm planning to take one or two of mine to both Anime Expo and Comic Con. Now I just have to figure out which ones... *_*
    19. *eeks* :O I think that's what keeps me from carting Pele round with me anywhere... I'm afraid someone will try and touch her or take or something :P I can't believe someone actually had the balls to do it tho! :O
    20. I took all three of mine to Oyahocon and I had no probs carrying them around since Alidel just fits in my purse.

      But then again, I among others brings a doll around with me where I go (sans work csue the boys I work with like to strip them down and poke at their bits) so my arms are pertty used to the strain of carrying them.

      For katsu I only brough Dai, and I'm very thankfull that I did cause I got stuck in Detroit metro for 14 hours and Dai alone got heavy to lug around on my back when I was sleep deprived and hungry waiting for 8 am so that I could get food. My carrier *was* larger then what Northwest wanted, but I had no problems bringing it on the plane when I told them that I had no intentions of sticking him in teh carry on over head and I was just going to keep him in between my legs for the flight.