Dolls and Halloween

Sep 3, 2020

    1. Halloween will soon be here, and I was wondering how many of you have before/are currently planning to make a costume or do something special with your dolls for the holiday?

      I can't really sew that well, but I've been thinking about maybe making a mask for mine. We probably won't be having trick or treaters but he can certainly sit and marathon horror movies with me!
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    2. I'll be celebrating Halloween by taking photos of the pumpkin boy in my avatar! :)

      He's the only doll I remember the arrival date of, because he came home and I unboxed him on October 30th!
      Very appropriate for a pumpkin. ;)
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    3. My project for halloween is hoping intensely that there won't be any gorgeous halloween themed doll to purchase. Lol
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    4. I was obsessed with finishing one of my doll's cosplay outfits for the Boogieman from Silent Hill: Homecoming a few years ago, but now I kind of given up on the idea of ever completing anything before/during Halloween. I never celebrated the holiday, because I was born and raised by vegan parents (and I'm still vegan by choice), so I never experienced the holiday other than purely for the love of macabre décor (I love skulls and skeletons). I did manage to complete the outfit years later, and was really motivated to make a Bubble Headed nurse cosplay with another doll (that's OT), but I never finished it. Here's the photo shoot, if anyone is interested.

      Not really Halloween-ish, more like fall, but I took a photo of my SoulDoll Bebe Aku in 2012 with the hopes of dressing him as a witch. Sadly, I wasn't able to do that, so I just took photos of him with fresh white pumpkins. It seems I'm always missing the target, by a long shot. DX

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    5. If I remember, I'm putting a few of them in autumn or spooky themed clothes.
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    6. I'm going to make a glittery fall dress for one of my girls using craft leaves as a material. It's both an experiment and a random fun project, I don't expect it to turn out very fancy lol. I love Halloween and I'll be dressing up all the dolls that have outfits for it. :)
    7. Hoping to get together with at least one of my sisters to take some pictures... Billy's always ready for Halloween, and I hope to make Marigold her leaf outfit, but I don't know about the other boys.

      I know we've got a LOAD of Halloween props between us, though. Might set up a little witch cottage set if we can find an appropriate backdrop.
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    8. I hope that by Halloween I will have the willpower and motivation to be able to finally finish my dolls up, I need to make clothes, his wig, and her clothing and her familiar who is a tiny bat so this should be fun but that's my goal

      Oh I also want to buy my mom a new doll cause her birthday is on Halloween
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    9. I always try (but I don't always succeed) to dress my only child character in a costume and pose her with a pumpkin-shaped basket so she is ready to go for candy. One year she was a little witch, another one she was a cute mummy...
      I do not have an idea for this year yet and I better start thinking about it if I want to get something done by Halloween xD
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    10. Hi :)
      I really like that idea, Halloween is not big in my country but I'd like to do something lol
      Might sew something for my new doll when he arrives, hopefully sometime next week.
      I like your idea for making masks love to see how they turn out.
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    11. One of my first male dolls came home on Halloween 2008, Thaddeus will have been my doll for 12 years on the 31st of this Oct.
      I like to try take a photo of him ever year to mark the passage of time when I can.
      I also have a character of mine I shelled whose birthday is Halloween, so I like taking photos of him then too.
      In the past I have made Halloween costumes and outfits for some of my doll army, I really enjoy doing stuff with my dolls around the holiday, either photo shoots or, dressing them up, crafting them new Halloween themed stuff.
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    12. I always dress my gang up in seasonal apparel...even though it’s still usually 90 degrees here. Halloween is my favourite (even though my brother gets to claim it as his birthday), so my girls and boy all dress up either in costumes or themed autumn wear. That and the pumpkins all come out for photo opportunities around my house.
    13. I discovered bjds & joined my friend's doll club at about the same time 10yrs ago. We have a Halloween themed doll party almost every year for October. A couple years ago the theme was The Monster Mash Ball & I spent all year buying wigs & making dresses for my girls to go as daughters of movie monsters. We turn her dining room table into a photo set & that one was lots of fun.
      This year it will be a virtual meeting & I've been getting my steampunk kids ready for an old fashioned Halloween. I finished the last dress last week, set up a scene for them & get to enjoy Halloween for the next month or two. :)
    14. I’m for sure planning on making my 1/6 a Halloween themed dress, and maybe some clay pumpkin props, etc, if I can!
    15. I tried something one year; I have nothing planned for this year. There's still time, I guess, but I have no idea or motivation. I might have a wander through some Halloween sections in the bigger stores for appropriate-sized props.

      But I might just leave it until I've got my collection 'settled' and how I want it. I have a character doll planned, who is a Kumiho [nine-tailed fox], and he might be fun to do Halloween shoots with. But I need to put him together. I have another character doll planned, who counters that Kumiho and is something of a mysterious figure. He might be fun to use on Halloween, too.

      I'm not big on celebrating or marking holidays anymore, not even Christmas. But the dolls might be a fun way to make a new tradition.
    16. I absolutely hate Halloween with a burning passion and refuse to spend any money on it. I am truly the Halloween Grinch.

      Buuuuuut.....since several of my dolls' characters would be really into it, I roleplay them trick or treating, having a party or going to haunted attractions. They get costumes written in but don't have them in doll form. A few of them have had costumes in the past but ultimately, it really isn't worth the time or money to me to make them yearly.
    17. I have 2 costumes for my tinies, and a cute little cauldron. Will probably buy more costumes since I've added to my doll army.
    18. I personally do not celebrate Halloween so no BJD plans for it either.

      However with respect to costumes, making a cosplay for one of my dolls and bringing them to a convention is a goal of mine. Even better if I could motivate myself to do a related/matching cosplay.
    19. I'm a bit obsessed with Halloween, so I usually do something Halloween related with them. I made a black dress with an overlay of spiderweb tulle for one of my dolls last year, and a Halloween print skirt and vest for two other dolls another year. I still have some Halloween fabric to make more clothes from.
    20. That would be very cool. I am trying my first spooky faceup on a doll for my daughters birthday which in October