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Dolls and Malls. Take um or not?

Mar 6, 2010

  1. Do you bring them to the mall with no sweat?

  2. No no no! Never the mall is cursed, cursed i tell you!

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    1. Hello Dolly People!

      So, yes, this is about the opinions of malls, and your dolls!
      Whether it is a Puki Puki...or a Soom Sard!
      I, am personally scared as heck to bring my dolls...
      I am afraid i would trip and fall with there head smashing to the ground, or my hands holding 8 bags of .... will get tired or simply getting my doll dirty...our malls in my area arent very clean :/
      I have tried to find a bag to fit them in like a purse...but none yet?
      Are you scared of taking your dolls to the mall? Or no sweat?

      Me, im just a scardy cat but hey im not having my dolls brake and me be on the ground screaming WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!
      *cough**cough* ignore that....

      Anyway whats your opinion?
    2. No. Never. Out of the question.
    3. Finally!
      Someone who agrees!
      I get nervous even thinking about it!
    4. I'm sure there are other threads dealing with the "taking dolls with me in publlic" thing.

      However, I like taking my boys with me to public places for making photos etc.
      And a MSD is really not big or heavy, I only have SD and and bigger, and believe me...after a day of walking around with a 70cm guy your arms will get really tired XD

      I would say: Go for it. As long as you don't care for others and protect your doll everything should be fine C:
      Maybe you should go with a friend first.
    5. Yea probably...
      But just in general, i wouldnt.
      Now i do bring them to Walmart every now and then but i just like bringing them to take pictures if its a public place like a park.
    6. I tend to avoid malls by default unless there is something specific I need.

      While it's possible I might bring a doll with me to check size on a specific item I know is there, it's more likely I'd buy the item, bring it home to check, and return it if it was costly and didn't work out, or just use it for a different purpose. This has nothing to do with being ashamed of my dolls, and everything to do with carrying as little as possible while shopping (due to a back injury) and not liking to make multiple trips if it can be at all avoided.
    7. I brought a doll or two back when I still did that sort of thing, but my attitudes have changed. While I doubt that anyone would interfere with them as long as they're being held... Why bother? Can't really shop while holding a doll, and for me that's the sole reason to venture to the mall.
    8. The dfw group Has a few Meet-ups at malls in the area and never had a problem. We got a few stairs and WTF looks but thats all. And a freind of mine and me have gone to malls with are dolls before, and never had any problem.
    9. Yea, everyones oppinions are diffrent, if it was a meet i probably would take my girls
    10. I don't see the point of bringing a doll with me to the mall. It's a dirty, germy place with grabby handed kids, not a cultural epicenter of sharing. People go there to buy stuff. I go there to buy stuff. I don't see the point of taking something extra with me. If I want to go somewhere to socialize with a group of people in public I got to a public garden or park. Unless BJD stores start showing up in malls, like the American Girl doll super temple in LA...I have no reason to take my resin brats to shopping mecca.
    11. Very very good point :)
    12. I'm not a "dropper", plus I take my backpack pretty much everywhere so I would have a safe place to put a doll if I didn't want to carry it anymore. :3 (in the middle pocket, so padding on every side~) I haven't done it yet though.
    13. I imagine if you're not adverse to taking your doll out in public, a mall is really no different than any other crowded place, like Disney, Chinatown, a popular park, or a convention. I've been to several meetups at malls, and no mayhem or tragedy occurred. I've taken my tinys to malls to photograph them or to check fit on items. There are some beautiful malls with great places to take photos, if that's your purpose. People do stare, and sometimes they ask questions, but so what? Staring won't hurt me. I've never, ever had anyone grab my dolls, and I've been able to tell people about them. It's pretty cool.

      Now, if I'm there just to shop for me? I doubt I'd take any of my dolls. Not because I'm afraid of having them at the mall, but because having them there would serve no purpose.
    14. I've never taken my doll to the mall just to take a doll to the mall, but I've brought there for meets and for anime club meetings and I had no problem. Its not something I do or would recommend doing on a regular basis, but its really no different from taking your doll to any public place.
    15. I would take them there for a meetup, but not just for the sake of taking them there or because I am shopping.
    16. Unless I was going to a doll meet, I would never take my dolls out to a mall or restaurant. They're not exactly doll orientated places, and I go there to spend money on me! Not play with my dolls ;)

      Dolls are tougher than you think, and will survive a short drop quite easily, but still, unless you have a safe place to put them, best leave them at home.
    17. Dispite my purse being big enough to fit a full 60cm doll I wouldn't take any of my dolls to the mall. There is no reason for me to bring one there. It is not legal to take pictures inside the malls in my area.

      I would take my doll to the park though and the bus terminal and the air port, and other fun public places that offer great photo opportunities.
    18. I agree with most people that malls simply aren't the best place to bring a doll. The stores don't like you to take photos in them (sometimes they'll even be vehement enough to press some legal action on you for taking photos in the store). I've gone to malls for meet-ups before,and it always makes me uncomfortable. The group was once asked by security to leave because it looked like we were soliciting a product (like we were selling the dolls or something). I think taking your dolls out in public is fine, it's just that retail settings aren't the most conducive for it :/
    19. I wouldn't, but I also don't take my doll anywhere besides conventions and meet-ups.
    20. I go to the mall to shop, not to display my dolls. I'd be too worried about them getting damaged, or getting dirty. Plus I'd feel a bit silly! :) I wouldn't carry a teddy around in my arms whilst clothes shopping, so the same goes for my dolls; I prefer not to invite public ridicule.