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Dolls and names

May 23, 2008

    1. As I have two dolls on the way (DZ Mo & AoD Wang Zi) it got me thinking about names. Now I would have to say the majority of people here name their dolls, But is there anyone who hasn't given their dolls a new name but kept the official mold name.

      Personally, I am terrible at thinking of names, and don't think I could name them after someone/something, so I am going to keep my dolls named Mo and Zi. Which I think imo fit together terribly well. But yes, are there others who don't change the name of their dolls?

      Oh and this is merely just an out of interest question, nothing like I think naming your dolls are bad or anything like that :)
    2. hm, some of them I also find that there original name suits them best, but then, I usually get a flash of inspiration for a name at sme point, and that name I find suits him/her well too. :) For example my lil' Ichigo had the mold name 'Hinaichigo' so I practically kept her the same name. But thats only becasue I it suited her too much to possibly change ^^;
      I love you avatar by the way- rozen maiden is the best! ^^
    3. YEAH I DO THAT TOO. i call my dolls by the name they come with like my d.i.m odelia is odelia etc.but its not just you and me, i have a friend who does the same thing so there are at least three of us:thumbup
    4. SakuraLee: Thanks ^^ I am so jealous you have Hinaichigo :P she is one of my dream dolls I'm currently saving for. Rozen Maiden is such a great anime (yet to read the manga), I love the fact the main characters are BJDs, or is it that I love BJDs becuase of the main characters of RM .. hehe
    5. pixieblue: Yay =] Did you find that like SakuraLee mentioned your doll just fitted that name or were you stumped for another name? Or both like me :P
    6. I'm kinda doing that with my Fleeple ANU, I just made it longer, his full name is Anubis, but I'll refer to him as Anu for short.
    7. I ordered Iplehouse Silvia recently and her name will be Silvia. Just seems to suit her.
    8. All mine are named but sometimes it takes me a long time to figure out the right one. I think I didn't settle on a name for my first doll until 5 months after recieving her. But for my second I knew before I sent payment.
    9. The doll I'm waiting on, a Homme Kirill, already has a name that belongs to an RP character my friend created, the only difference was her character's name was spelt as 'Kiril' (one L, and not two). I like the name Kirill and would have kept it if it didn't remind me of my friend's character :sweat
    10. I probably will keep the name, unless it really doesn't suit the doll.. wang zi's prince in chinese XD
    11. I'm pretty sure that I'll wind up giving new names to all of my dolls. I'm waiting on a DZ Ray at the moment, who I plan to name Simon. I think it better suits the style and personality I've planned for him. I also have a fairly extensive list of names that appeal to me, so I'll probably be choosing from there for most of them, but if they happen to match up, then all the better, I guess. ^^
    12. My YoSD Kira is still called Kira, but then I got her because I'm Kira, so there you are. My other girls all have their own names. :lol: Can you imagine calling a doll "F-13"? :lol:
    13. Mine has a name but I keep referring to her as "Nono" since she is a "Nono" after all. And I like saying the word "Nono".
    14. So far, I've given different-than-the-mold names to all the dolls I own, and to most I plan to own. But there actually is one exception: one of my doll characters sort of formed around pics I saw of AngelRegion's Tanning Kai, so when I finally get him in doll form (hopefully in his original imagined form!), his name will be Kai. I don't see anything wrong with keeping the mold name if it fits the character. But in general I suppose I'm more of a re-namer. XD
    15. I got my dz hid in april and he still doesn't have a name.
      I feel bad. -_-"
    16. Yeah, a lot of the times I can imagine calling a lot of the dolls on my wishlist by their mold names XD I mean...Ha Yarn Cho is a cute name for the doll, why would i change it?! lol
    17. I've only got one doll whose name is his mold name. My elfdoll William Winterberry is called Billy, which is also the nickname elfdoll gave him. I honestly only kept it because William is one of my favourite names. The only thing I've changed is the spelling of his nickname, just because I mostly associate the spelling "Billie" with females and my li'l pig is a boy. All of my other dolls have names I've given them just because the mold names didn't work as proper names. (I can't imagine going round introducing my vampire twins as "X and his brother, X". It'd get confusing pretty quickly.)
    18. I was just going to leave my Xi-Aleister as Aleister at first since I do like the name. I ended up naming him Iommi after guitarist Tony Iommi instead. I have a bunny doll that I haven't named yet. I was thinking of also naming her after a musician. Kind of get a theme going.

      Here's a site for names if anyone's interested. It includes their origin and meanings as well.
    19. My DOT Camine is named Carmine because when I talked about him to my friends we kept putting an r in it knowing that was wrong and it kinda suited him....my friend is getting DOT Ducan and naming him Duncan for the same reason. heehee
    20. thanks! that looks like a good one :)
      that's what i normally do if i can't think of a name, i'll go onto name sites and browse through them to see what i like. other than that, i look at street signs when i'm on the bus going places. a lot of my personal characters are named after the streets and lanes of Bristol :lol:
      (i had been planning to name a doll 'Coroner' because i frequently drive past a sign that says 'Coroner's Court' until my gf politely pointed out what coroners actually do for a job, and then i changed my mind LOL)