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Dolls and Needle Felt Pets

Oct 30, 2017

    1. Does anyone pair their dolls with needle felt pets? If so, do you make them yourself or do you commission?

      I have a borzoi being made who is almost done, and next in line is an aardwolf, followed by a pair of bedlington terriers and a serval. The downside to needle felt is that unless the animal has already been made, the best needle felters are in high demand and wait time can be anywhere from 6-12 months.

      In the meantime....love to see your dolls with their needle felt pets!

      There are so many additional pets I'd love to have someday...pangolin, maned wolf, gerenuk, goat, sphynx cat...
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    2. I have a tiny kitty (not exactly realistic, he's more of a kitty blob) a friend gave me that's the perfect size to be an in scale stuffed animal.

      I don't know how to needle felt myself, but if I did I'd love to make more realistic pets for them. (:
    3. This is a good idea. I've only made a penguin and a tiny whale, but they would work as stuffed animals.
    4. Do my dollies have needle felted dollies of their own? They don't... But they will have now you suggested it! XD
    5. I've had the same idea and have been doing searches on Etsy for them. Some of the needle felted animals look SO realistic and I love that about them. I want to get a poodle to go with my girls! I have thought about learning to make some for myself but I know they would never turn out as realistic as I'd want, so if I ever do get some they will most likely be from Etsy!
    6. One of my doll's best friends is a needle felt cat that I made! He's not very realistic, but I love him! I want to keep making more needle felted items so I can make the cat look pretty realistic!
    7. My sister makes them. Her newest obsession is baby dragons for BJDs though she's made Pokémon, puppies, and kitties. I'll have to upload some pics to Flickr to show later.
    8. I have half a dozen Daiso needle felt animal kits that have been sitting in a drawer for a year if that counts :lol:

      I really have to get around to giving it a go one day.
    9. Oh man, I have considered it! But oof, the pet I need is rather large....and so it would cost a fortune! :chomp:
    10. I don't have any dolls yet (total newbie here), but one of my future characters is a total cat person. I've thought about giving him (a) needle felted cat(s) as a pet, and over time might even try to do one myself. I don't have any experience with needle felting beyond very simple things, though.
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    11. It looks adorable! :D
    12. My borzoi finally arrived! I must schedule a photoshoot soon...
    13. I actually have one myself, a Shiba Inu felted puppy for my BJD.
    14. I have browsed them also...but cannot decide on one that is cute enough to justify the price tags. They are a lot of work, and it shows. :)
      I did however recently purchase a small, plush dog that is really an Xmas tree ornament, and it is about the right size for my 1/4. lol
    15. I have tried, but I made my doll's felt rat too big so it's like... a mutant rat probably. lol.

      Some needlefelters make really realistic looking animals. I want to get to that level some day.
    16. One of mine has a needle-felted unicorn plush (made by @PeppermintPocky). I don’t have any photos currently accessible, but I’ll upload one to Flickr so I can share it here if anyone wants to see.
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    17. Oh gosh do I!!! ;) I love making needle-felt critters for my dolls. One has a squirrel, another, a ferret, etc.

      But primarily I enjoy making them unicorns. <3

      Here is my Ziggy with Space Oddity, her pet unicorn... obviously I had to make her a cyclops to match her owner!

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    18. Fantastic!!!!
    19. I'm still waiting on four needle-felts to be made, but I'm desperate for a poodle and pekingese. I mean....look at this poodle. How could I pass up such a beauty? Perfect for 1:6!

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