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Dolls as...Rewards?

Apr 26, 2010

    1. I couldn't find any other discussions like this on here so, I'm hoping this is something new-ish.
      Now I know none of us need any Incentive to BUY dolls at all. Heck most of use need help trying to convince ourselves not to order another one.
      But I'm just wondering if any of you use buying a new doll for yourself as Incentive to do or complete something else? That new doll being the be all end all reward for some sort of job well done.
      For myself, I've decided I wouldn't buy any dolls in the 2010 year after buying three last year, Aaand some heads.... And so far I've resisted any urges even with having saved up enough money now to buy Two of the dolls I want.
      I've decided though, my next doll will be an LTF Bisou, but I can't buy him, even with having the funds....Until I loose 100 lbs. This goal will obviously take a while!
      But it is something I need to do for myself, and its definitely a worthwhile Reward!

      Soo, that's my Dolly fueled incentive. What's yours?
      Well, if anyone else has one... that or I'm just nutters. But hey! anyone else could jump on the bandwagon too and borrow mine.
    2. Hmmm I guess something like that happened with me. I'm still in school and my mom said I could buy a doll. It was pretty expensive for my first doll so my mom said if I got good grades at the end of the year she would pay for a little less than half (which was a huge amount off). So far I'm getting good grades, lets just hope at the end of the year I don't fail anything >.< It was also my first doll so my mom wanted to help out with the funds. For my next doll I'm going to have to buy everything. I think the goal setting thing is a good idea and maybe I should set a goal for myself or I'll get addicted wayyyy to fast. I'm still a noob haha
    3. My parents said they'll buy me an MSD if I get all A's. ^_^ Pretty sweet!
    4. lol yes, i confess, I have tried this! I dont really have the willpower for it alot of the time like "no more dollies until this 10 lbs is gone!" but alot of the times I use the excuse "well I finished my first semester of college, I get a celebration dollie right??" :D so i do try to use them to reward myself within reason for a job well done, I wish my parents would buy me dolls for straigh A's!
    5. My DZ Fei is a gift for graduating from college in less than a month :D My mother may be getting me a DZ Shoyo for the same (the Fei is from my aunt). It's seriously awesome. :3 My aunt also paid for my recent Dollmore order, which had clothing for my AoD Chun Ze and DZ Fei. *squee!*
    6. I think that this is a great idea! Being new to the ABJD world, I haven't done this yet, but a bit of positive incentive can go a long way to help you reach your goals! Maybe I'll try this to help me out in school!
    7. I wish I could do that! But then again I buy my dolls with the money I make from plushy commissions, so I guess it can be seen as a reward for all the hard work?

      Though I do plan on buying a doll when I'll graduate from college as a 'congratulation, you've survived the animation course!' celebration gift ;)
    8. Three (the current dolls that I own) out of the four dolls that I've owned were rewards from my parents.
      The first was for graduating highschool, the second was for finishing my first year of university and the third was for being accepted into a exclusive program.
    9. I think it's a great idea. Good luck to everyone working towards a goal! :)
    10. I raised my AP calculus grade by 15 points in order to justify buying my first doll! ^_^ I tried that later on, and it didn't work. >.>;
    11. I finished high school, survived transferring schools last year and thus almost made it through two years of college. I thought I deserved it. Plus, I don't do exactly what I want to do very often so I figured I'd do it, damn it! :sweat Just whatever you have to do, I guess. I had to bribe myself or I'd never feel justified with the expense.
    12. I like to treat myself with dolls, but I usually cave and buy them before I finish my goal. My mom makes my boys clothes if I do well in school. Since I don't spend a ton on their clothes I really appreciate that reward, and it's easy for her to actually give me something. My birthday and christmas presents were dollie clothes and blankets. :3
    13. I don't use them as rewards...I use them as comfort. Maybe not the best idea but I'm having a terribly rough year so far and as my way of coping (and only when I could afford them) I bought 2 dolls and 2 heads. I bought the first doll because my autoimmune disease has been going haywire so during the period of horrible pain I feel I have a little light at the end of the tunnel...I sit here thinking today I'm in pain but in a month or two when that doll arrives I'll feel better, there will be some happiness. Just as long as I can make it through these pains. The second doll I bought out of stress of a bad divorce. My ex is trying to gain leverage by using our child as a pawn. I worry myself sick sometimes wondering if he's going to randomly show up and take my child away. So it's probably not the greatest ways of gaining a doll...and probably borderline shopaholic but it makes me feel good knowing I have that light at the end of the tunnel when everything seems so dark and like I'm not going to make it through. *shrug*
    14. Mine aren't 'getting a doll for doing X', but are getting money to go to my dolly fund.

      I have had trouble losing the 70lbs I gained with my first pregnancy for the last 3 and a half years. Part of the problem is that I have a total addiction to junk food and fast food. With my hubby, every week that I don't ask him to buy me junk food or fast food, I get $10 for my dolly fund. That amount will go higher once he has a better job and we can afford more.

      My father also lives with us. Let's just say that our house is WAY too small for the number of people who live in it and all of our belongings. Add that to the fact that my mother NEVER kept a remotely clean house (though I am FAR better than she is at it...I'm still lacking) and so I never really learned how to properly keep the house clean day to day. I can GET things clean...I just have problems KEEPING them that way. Well, my dad has offered me $100 a month to KEEP things clean. Cluttered is ok, but I need to find places to put the things that live in boxes on the floor, and then pick up after myself, and my boys (who are too little to do so themselves) and things like that every day. It actually has me going through my closet and admitting I'll never be a size 4 again, and getting rid of clothes I'll never fit into, knick knacks that I never wanted or needed, but couldn't bring myself to throw out as they were gifts...admitting we do NOT need 2 copies of any given book in the house...and that I do NOT need to keep all the clothes my boys rapidly out-grow. It has me teaching myself how to not just CLEAN a house, but how to KEEP a house. A skill far harder to master than I ever thought it could be. In fact, now that the baby is up and I can make noise again, I've more picking up and sorting through things to get done!
    15. Well, I get money I use to buy dolls and dollie stuff through grades, so indirectly I'd say that they're rewards for my grades. Making honor roll, staying in AP, all grades above 80, all that. But that's from my parents, not me rewarding myself; I'm not sure if it's the same idea?
    16. No. If I did that, I would be doing that way too often. ^^;
      Although my parents have promised to get me the very first BJD I ever saw, a Volks Sara,
      for college graduation if I still want her then. ^^ (even though I could afford her now,
      it wouldn't be anything special). Even though I have brought tons of dolls (all with my own money)
      since I first saw her, she still holds a special place in my heart so I'm saving her for then- another 2 years. ^__^
      Other than that, nope. ^^;
    17. I've actually used dolls, or in some cases doll-stuff, as rewards for meeting personal goals! Usually it's been for getting some big project around the house done, or for getting my AA (that one was a whole doll), however, I haven't applied it to weight, but...

      ..well, I'm due to have my son next month, and I think that it might be a nice added incentive to get back into shape after! What a good idea!
    18. I think, if my microbiology research actually turns out as planned, then my next doll will have to be my reward for that. If it doesn't work out, my next doll will probably be my reward for surviving it since the whole thing;s been really bad for my mental and physical health (yes, physical health, my samples keep getting contaminated with a fungus I just found out I'm very allergic to). Meh.
    19. So far, the only way I've gotten any of my dolls is through rewards for grades.
      All three anda half of my current dolleh lovelies were purchased for me by my parents for making honor roll. Being a high school student with a part time job makes it hard to pay for these gorgeous hunks of resin. :P So each semester I make honor roll my parents wait at the end with a new doll. ;)

      Ever since I discovered this hobby my grades have been very very good...haha!
    20. when I get a girlfriend (which might take awhile...though if she's not into dolls then I won't get one) lol