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Dolls at Christmas?

Nov 11, 2010

    1. I haven't seen something like this - that's directly Christmas-related - on DoA. I have seen the 'asking for dolls as a gift' thread, but I don't believe this fits in that one. If the mods think otherwise, that's ok with me

      What do you think is the best way to go about receiving a doll for Christmas? What about the box opening? What does one do?

      (Wondered about this, because I hope - though, sadly, doubt - I will get a doll for Christmas, and am just wondering what one should do, since it's a special circumstance, rather than a regular ol' day)
    2. Hm, well if I were to want a doll for Christmas, or any special holiday in which one receives gifts, that would be the only thing I would ask for so the price would seem more reasonable, and then just hope for the best!

      As for the box opening, just keep a camera on hand, since you wouldn't really know until the day of. That way, if you find a dolly-shaped box, you'll be able to take photos right away! :)
    3. Once I tore off the wrapping paper and realized what it was, I'd probably yell for a camera and sqeal and bounce all around, LOL! Then again my family's the type that would already have a camera/video going. :sweat My husband's mom always takes pictures of people opening their gifts, too, so there'd be plenty of shots taken. It'd probably be easier to re-create the opening once everything calmed down and you have a bit of private time. :)
    4. I actually just added a doll that I wanted for christmas from JunkySpot onto my christmas list, since she wasn't as expensive and my parents did ask what I wanted. I guess it would be hard to tell if you would get one or not but it's always good to have a camera on hand just in case. I mentioned that I do box openings with the dolls because it's just something we BJD lovers enjoy to do so my parents would probably help me with that. So yeah. ^^
    5. Hmm I don't know if it counts lol, but my doll I ordered is for myself, can it be a gift to myself? /sad xD

      I don't think he'll arrive until around christmas time, I hope I don't have to wait THAT long since his 30 days are suppose to be up at the end of November but it can kind of be considered a Christmas gift, if my Christmas tree is up I'll open him up by the tree xD

      As for how to ask for one hmmm...my mom wasn't the least surprised or upset at the price of my doll when I told her, that's because she knows I worked hard for the money to buy him. I can't say my grandparents would feel the same haha but, not many people are open minded enough to buy such an expensive gift, when it appears to be just a "toy". Especially during these hard times.

      I think you can offer to pay partially for one, and have the remaining payment funded by your parents as the gift? I think you'd also have to prove to them somehow this isn't one of those phases you'd get over in a year or two xD. I remember offering my parents ridiculous things whenever I wanted an expensive gift, like "you don't have to buy me anything for christmas and my birthday next year! I promise!!" loool;;
      Or "IF you decide to get me this for my birthday I'll study 24323554 times harder!! I swear!!!"

      xD;...I don't even know if this is what you're asking for anymore haha but yeah. I'd also go with silverholly's suggestion and just have a nice cam ready xD
    6. @draa: Hey, self-gifting is totally cool so long as you've gotten stuff for everyone else on your list. :)

      I don't usually ask for dolls as gifts because, well, I'm kind of picky when it comes to dolls. I've never actually gotten a doll as a gift that I've been all that crazy about.
    7. I would love to get a doll as gift...actually my two friends who are into dolls and got me into dolls I would love it from them...as I know they know my tastes. They would go to one of the ones on my wishlist...if they could...not saying they would. I think gifting to yourself is fantastic...oh wait I did that... for christimas.
    8. LOL im so terrible... I self gift all the time... even for really um.. unconventional holidays. Like... st patricks day or something lol! I dont see anything wrong with it, if you have the money and your families gifts are taken care of, its the holidays and everyone deserves a special treat this time of year!
      Actually... sometimes I make off like a bandit because my boyfriend might buy me a doll for a special occasion, or help me make up the difference if I fall short. But this is all I can compare to because my family doesnt know about my bjds ^^;
      Basically the way we work to avoid gifts like reindeer sweaters and undies is to give eachother lists of the things we -really- want for our special occasions (since we dont know much about eachothers hobbies) and when we need a gift we just pick something off the list and wrap it lol its still a surprise because you dont know exactly what youre getting, but you know youre going to love it! Plus you can always throw in little heartfelt bonuses on the side <3
    9. loool!

      Haha of course buying gifts and wrapping them is my favourite part of Christmas, I love wrapping gifts. I like wrapping in general haha I feel so fulfilled whenever I see something so nicely put together

      Emby Quinn: I completely understand what you mean. I guess that's also why my parents are so lenient with things I buy, only I know what I like best, I'm picky with quality and aesthetics. My dad probably would've gotten me a barbie doll if he heard I wanted a doll for Christmas haha. My boyfriend somewhat hinted he might get me doll accessories for Christmas but I'm afraid he's going to be disappointed when he doesn't buy me the things I actually like lol;

      Arashi222: Ahh I'm so envious! I wish I had someone closeby that I could share these doll spazm's with. Let alone have people who know exactly what I like in this hobby! lol Actually I got a friend who used to this these dolls were the scariest thing next to clowns to think that some/most sculpts are actually quite beautiful. Maybe she'll have a sudden moment where she'll think YEAH I'm going to get one! Though I guess I shouldn't bet on it, she has the worst paranoia that the doll will show supernatural signs

      My mom is really skilled at sewing, so I suppose she can help with outfit making, I think that in itself is a lovely way to spend christmas together with family and a really lovely gift too.
    10. LOL hahahaha I'm the same, my boyfriend is always like "you're gifting yourself again??" Most of the things I want I can't possibly ask others for it. Either because they just can't agree on spending money on things that aren't "useful" or it costs so much I'd feel bad to have it as a gift from someone else. Haha I treat myself to things for just finishing projects >_>;
    11. I would absolutely love to get a doll for Christmas, but sadly everyone around me thinks they are useless and overpriced. :(
      So yeah my best bet is to give a dolly gift to myself. :)

      If I were to get a doll for Christmas though, I would love it to be a surprise and be a full set! Greedy pants, I know.
    12. The only way for me to get a doll for Christmas would be to engage in some criminal activity - like blackmail, stealing money, kidnapping. Asking, pleading, groveling just wouldn't work.
    13. I've asked for a doll last year. Didn't get him, even if he was cheaper then the computer my brother got. I was going to ask again this year, because I've done more stuff to deserve it >.>; but parents having money trouble. Soooo, I'm getting one for myeslf as my gift. Then I'll ask for something really small an cheap. Like a Panda Pillow pet or something. lol

      I just gave my mom two lists. The "Really want" which had the doll on it, thats it. And the "Would like" which had a couple movies.

      I do have to weight the option of getting my brother a doll for christmas. Nothing on topic here (he and my girlfriend are both crazy for Pullips at the moment). not sure how likely I can get them before X-Mas day though.
    14. Generally my family takes photos the whole time that we open gifts (at least we did when I was living with my parents heh!) So I figure I would have a camera on hand. While I would love to get a doll for christmas, I don't think I will be getting one. I am hoping for one for my 21st though!
    15. I would love to get a doll for xmas, but they are expensive ( and my dad still doesn't know how much they are XD)
      I would never ask for any thing doll related since my parents don't "question " it but don excatly see eye to eye on my hobby.
      Though i will admit an awesome did give me a doll head for my bday this year so i was uber excited =3
      but i do plan to self gift a doll part for myself this year <3 <3 hehehe
    16. My family is odd...my sister will never get you anything you ask for. She'll get you something entirely inappropriate because she thinks it's funny. My mom and dad prefer to just give money, and maybe books. If you're over 18 (with the exception of siblings and parents) you don't get gifts. I've told people they know me, they know what I like. I've openly asked my fiance for a gift card for Denver Doll. I don't know if he'll actually do it. I hate asking for things anyway. Unless they ask me, I don't mention it.
    17. If I got a doll for Christmas it would probably be a really small sized one, since my Christmas budget is around $100 and it would be my only gift. I'm greedy, so I probably wouldn't go that route xP If I did, we always record and take pictures of present openings. However, I'd probably just unwrap the box, go ooo and ahh, but leave it in the box and then later I'd do an official box opening. My mom would most likely wrap it as is anyways. I know I have an extremely large Appa plushie for Christmas (I think he's 75cm in length) and she's just going to wrap him in the box he arrived in because it's easier.
    18. -_-;;; My case is kinda special I guess,my mom will not ask me what I want since she knows that I will approach her if I have something on my mind. . . .
      Then,if I didn't mention anything that year,she'll go shopping for one herself,secretly.
      Her best gift is usually giving me her card when I finally voice out then I'll go get the gift I want myself,since she's not familiar with IT stuffs.
      Now I'm waiting for more Christmas event to see is there any doll I want :X...
    19. It turns out my parents ARE getting me a doll for christmas- kinda. I set a doll on layaway during october and as a gift my parents are planning on paying off the rest. As for opening I think they will just let me do as I please and have a normal box opening. xD Then they might put him back in the box and under the tree or something; i'm not sure.
    20. Sweet! Congrats!