Dolls Based Off "Yourself"

Dec 6, 2019

    1. If there is a thread like this already, please let me know! I have not found one similar.

      Do you have a doll that is you, so to speak? A doll that has your hair, eyes, clothing style, etc., maybe even your name or a similar one?

      Or do you have a doll that is someone you want to be? Maybe a physical image of yourself that you'd want to look like- maybe you have jet black hair and this doll has platinum blonde, or you have brown eyes and want blue.

      I personally want a doll that is someone I'd want to be. It'd be a big project, but it's something that's been on my mind for a hot minute. It's something I definitely want to take my time doing and not rush into it.

      If someone does, do you think it is vain? I personally do not think it's vain, especially since people have self-sona, fursonas, stuff like that, that is themselves as characters. It's just them- but in doll form this time! I think it's pretty neat, personally.
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    2. A lot of people say that I look like my dolls which I find really interesting. But I think maybe its because my dolls have a kind of 80s style as do I. I definitely think my dolls are a kind of extension of self for me but I think everyones are in a way.
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    3. I have one who I bought to re-shell an existing doll (who is not supposed to be me) but the sculpt doesn’t suit the character I hoped to make. So I tried various random wigs and eyes on it and my favorite result looked like young me..

      I’m planning to put the doll back up for sale pretty soon but until then she’s dressed in hair and clothes that look like what I wore as a kid! It’s fun to project my personal memories and fashion nostalgia onto a doll’s wardrobe.
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    4. Its not something i originally intended but my doll Sabri turned out to be almost an alternative me aha, i think she is a version of me i wouldnt mind being! Sabri's name is from my middle name too...

      I think its sweet! Basing a doll of a version of yourself, even if it is just you, i think its i wonderful self expression
    5. I have a doll that's not me exactly but is based on a character in FFXIV, who is small version of me. Her name is even Little Aaron haha.
    6. I don't have a specific doll that is based on me. But, I believe that all my dolls have a piece of either my style or personality in their appearance or characters. I did almost name one of my dolls Sionnan which is actually pretty close to my first name, but I ended up going in a different direction with the doll.
    7. I have one that was going to be me but then she gained a different personality. I have one that's incoming, a Feeple60 Erda (my first SD I'm so excited!) and he's going to be my "ideal self." For various reasons, I can't present how I truly would like to in public so being able to dress up a doll like how I'd like to look is something I'm looking forward to!

      Never thought of it as being a vain thing :0 I see it more as a way to explore different styles that you normally can't.
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    8. {laugh!} Not at all - I'm an overweight 50-something man who lives in vivid coloured shorts, T-shirts, and Crocs, while most of my dolls are little Victorian children, and the girls waaaay outnumber the boys.

      Guilty ass charged on that one : I have make an effort when putting together each doll to ensure that they don't ALL end up with green eyes, ginger hair, and freckles. I've liked that combination all my life. I dyed my hair ginger and wore green contact lenses most of the time in my late teens and early 20's.

      Not at all - people who write often base characters on a version of themselves that they'd like to be, and I don't think it's any more vain to create a doll than to write a character.

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    9. Nah, I just put together elements I like together. That's it.
    10. Most of my bjd's are 1/4th and under and are based off the anime/manga Outlaw Star. (As well as some other anime characters in the works or in a wishlist) I have some OC's and aliens. I wanted a doll of myself to have as a background character to interact with the other characters. I've changed a lot since then and am making a "new me" that'll be "old me". I also have two based off other people (they know about them and like it). I have one in memory of my pet cat casper.

      I like the "me's" as much as the OC's and other characters. It's more like an "easter egg" or joke or "nod" to have them but it's fun for me. I enjoy all of them.
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    11. LOL, Yes! well, sort of LOL

      When I first started experimenting with dolls and faceup's, I started with Monster High Dolls. I have been a professional virtual artist for years for several online gaming sites. On one site I have an avatar that I love, she is so me in style and resembles me when I was in my 20's and quite a fashionista.

      As for BJD's, I tend to like fashion dolls and I just started collecting them. I love creating, so my goal is twofold 1. to create high fashion looks that I would LOVE to wear ( and afford) and 2. create period looks that I have always been drawn to.

      SO yes, I have one that looks like I use to LOL and in the future will have looks that I would love to look like (still, HAH ) and dress like...or era's I have a passion for

      If you'd like to see, check my flickr :)
    12. It's so funny; as a kid I was absolutely obsessed with finding a doll that "looked like me" (green eyes, curly black hair---oddly hard to find for some reason?)

      With the customization options of BJDs, you'd think I would have immediately fulfilled that goal, right? Quite the opposite...each of my doll pretty much had its own vibe the moment I held them.
      However there IS a Ringdoll that shares my name so sometimes I'm tempted to buy that one and customize her to look like me.... :sweat
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    13. Goodness, no! I see myself in the mirror every day, I've lived with myself for more years than I care to count...what could possibly be the fascination of a mini me?? What a bore. BUT...if I could find a sculpt that looks like my gorgeous daughter with her blonde, knee-length hair, cute wisp of nose freckles and big, blue-green eyes, I'd buy it in a flash, dress it in jeans, combat boots and a T-shirt, and smile at it when the real deal is off at college. :)
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    14. It is so weird you posted this I was just thinking about it.

      I have a doll on my wish list I wasn't really sure what to do with, but I just decided today to make her a mini me essentially. She will have brown hair and eyes and my general clothing style. I can make her lots of fun mini crafting supplies, and make her and me the same outfits. Itll be sooooooooooo cute. I never really had an idea to make a doll like me before I found her. But it just kinda hit me and I liked it more the more I thought about it. so as soon as I can save up the money Ill get her.
    15. I have a Dollfie Dream who I kept trying to make into different OCs but none of them felt right. Then one day I looked at her and went "Oh wait...she's me."

      Well more specifically, an author avatar of me in a fantasy setting/story some of my other dolls are in, but yeah. I got her a wig and eyes that look more like mine, and I'm gonna dress her in all the cute clothes I can't wear myself (I love looking at pretty frilly dresses but I'm uncomfortable in anything that's not pants).
    16. I don't have one based on me, nor do I want one. Even as a kid, I never wanted a doll that looked like me. Some of mine do share traits of mine, mostly personality traits but sometimes physical traits, for example, I have bright green eyes and I realized I have a tendency to make a lot of green eyed dolls. I don't really mean to, it just happened. I try to avoid a disproportional green eyed crew since I noticed it.

      I don't really have an opinion on people making a mini me of themselves. If it makes you happy, why not? It's your doll,you paid for it, it should be what you want!
    17. Not me, but I've been on the hunt for the right sculpts for my mother and sisters, mainly my mother's first. With custom make ups, getting the right clothing. Just a little honor for them should heaven forbid anything happen I have something other then photos, mementos and memories. Something they've all been aware I was into, and have even asked about my likes and dislikes of the bjd hobby.
    18. My dolls look absolutely nothing like me, but most of them *are* me. All my SDCs, I have six of them, have personalities based on aspects of myself. Me at 12 as a self-absorbed brat. Me as a numbers-obsessed workaholic. Me as a neurotic anxious mess who needs constant reassurance. Me as a complete goofball who rejects your reality and substitutes it with her own. Me as an introverted nerd who gets lost in the world of various fandoms. And the me who just really really likes Halloween XD I have a few other dolls that I don’t project onto as much, but I think I’m bonded most to the SDCs because they really are me.

      To be fair, my first doll (the bratty 12-year-old) actually does look a bit like me as a kid though.
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    19. I do not have any dolls that I've styled to look like me, but I do have a few dolls that have the style and look that I wish I had. I think my favorite thing about my dolls is that they can dress super fancy and they don't need to be going anywhere special. I just wear work clothes and look boring every day, haha.
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    20. One of my dolls I decided to base his outer appearance a bit like me only his hair and eye color for now. Sometimes I do change it though also the personality just a bit too. :arainclou
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