Dolls based on names!

May 13, 2018

    1. I just remembered Jackie from "the 70's show". And now I want a BJD SD girl named "Jackie". Sometimes names pops up in my mind and I really want to create a character based on that name!

      I guess most normal is to create a character based on a story or someone, and then choose a fitting name?! Usually you'd have some character ideas before finding a name right?

      But I get really drawn to some names. Names to me is more important than having a background story. It's like I bond with the name, and then I want to create a character based on it. Sometimes the names comes before the background story.

      I wasn't even planning to get another SD girl anytime soon except from my "Supia girl Hamin". But the name "Jackie" changed all that. Now I feel like creating a Jackie character :XD:

      Do anybody else create doll characters based on names alone?
    2. I haven’t on a name, but the thing that finally made me cave and get my first BJD was a beautiful wig I saw on Instagram. I just needed to make a character for that wig! I still don’t have the wig yet, because I can’t afford it, but I will. Someday! I think inspiration can come from anywhere
    3. Rose was named years before she was "born"--her name is Georgia Rose, which came from a One Direction song. :XD:
    4. I have some old family names and favorite pet names that I would like to use for doll names, just haven't done it yet.
    5. me me me me meeee!!!!! i've made many of my dollies based on my love for certain names. i also made my jacky based on the fact that i loved that name!! i think some names really speak to us, and naturally give us insight into what kind of characters might have those names. so i think it's totally ok! :) glad to know i'm not the only one~
    6. I tend to do this often, think up names first that I'm attatched to and then build around it! It's actually pretty fun to do it that way.
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    7. My characters started with a rough outline and then a name, but I didn’t pick their sculpts until later on!
    8. In fact, I was sorting through a bunch of names even before I had Hagyon (Kangook from Souldall). I wrote them down in a notebook and tried to match those names to those dolls that I planned to buy. And, to be honest, it continues to this day :cool:
    9. I would name his characters, but I wouldn't imagine the backstory.