Dolls based on real people

Mar 9, 2017

    1. Do you have any dolls based on, or made to look a like an actual real human?
      If so who do you have and what sculpt are they?
      How have people reacted?
      Was it difficult finding a sculpt that fit?
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    3. I love Modoll, so much skill and talent! I'll have to look into Namonaki.
    4. Hmmm - I've some mini-me heads & some sculpts that definitely were modeled after celebrities. However, my dolls shell my own characters, not those real people. In fact, I've purposely gotten several mini-me heads simply to get more mature looking faces! So once they get their faceups, you probably won't be able to tell who they were originally modeled after LOL
      Now, my Lee Jong Suk, Ji Chang Wook, Changmin & Ji Sung all look like their originals - cause hot hot hot! LOL But they are just my characters who look like those guys :D (that's a Souldoll Onulhara, Iplehouse Bichun, RosenGarden Rui & Simply Divine Tatsuo)
    5. I wouldn't mind having a doll based on a famous people that I admire or similar, but I've already seen 2 dolls that look like 2 of my friends lol! I know they're not based on real people and it's just casuality but God they're identical! I could never own dolls that look like my friends, it would be too awkward, looking at me from the shelf hahah! Although I would totally go for a doll that looks like me, just for the laughs
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    6. I've got a couple dolls like that - I really didn't plan it but once I had them finished, oh my!
    7. I have Sherlock (mnm B. Cumberbatch -Natrume)i think this is the most popular minimee, so there was no problem to purchase it. The main problem ( to my mind) is to find matching body by colour with head and by proportion to character. People wonder when saw him
    8. No, I've never been a fan of the Minime or super realistic BJDs. There are some lovely ones out there that are well styled, but in my own collection I prefer a more doll- like, stylized look. A lot of the Minime heads are on the large side, so finding a proportionate body can be hard, and they tend to look bobble headed to me.
    9. I'm not a fan, honestly. If that's your thing... by all means, have at it. I'm not going to try to tell you not to buy them... I just wouldn't have something like a pop star MiniMee sculpt in my own collection.

      Not only am I not into realism when it comes to sculptural style, I'm also not that big a fan of any particular celebrity.
    10. Sage (Limhwa Half Elf) was picked for her similarity to Jena Malone, my ideal casting choice for that character.

      Scarlet's (Iplehouse SID Stella) key facial features are a perfect match to Taylor Swift (take a look at the blank sculpt some time; it's wonderfully uncanny), her primary conceptual and visual inspiration. Others included Sky Ferreira, Cara Delevigne and 70s Emmylou Harris.

      As far as the custom heads and whatnot... I've not seen many I've found worth the cost and wait time. A good face-up artist can bridge the gaps in an existing sculpt easily.
    11. Today I was browsing the net as always and I found a doll that looks EXACTLY like my mother when she was younger. It was very disturbing but made me think about inspiration which is the basis of the BJD fun ^^

      I know a lot of doll's hobbyist find inspiration in films, books, mangas etc and I find it great.

      But I was wondering if there are some of you who are being inspired by everyday people you meet or know and create characters based on them physically or mentally. I mean your family, neighbors, friends or just some people you vaguely know or have seen.... But who are not superstars but just ''regular'' folks.

      I find a lot of inspiration from only observing people I don't even know, like in the park or in the coffee shop... I love to observe people and imagine their life and very often I think to myself '' wow this girl have great hair, I would love my doll to have them '' or '' his look is amazing he would be perfect for my character ''. Then I imagine the story of that person and it really is a lot of fun. And some of my characters are born like this....

      Searching for interesting or beautiful characteristics in every day people made me realize that we can find something amazing in every one we met.

      And what about you? Do you find inspiration in every day people that you like to use on your dolls?
    12. None of my dolls have characters or appearances based on real people, but one is named after my mom. :) Her wig is the same color as my mom's hair, too, but that was just a coincidence.
    13. Not really, at least not in my case. I'm sure my visual repertory is based on what I know and have seen, but I don't actively take inspiration from real people for my characters. I do sometimes take inspiration from certain styles, aesthetics and the like, but that's about it.

      I do however sometimes run into people that remind me of my characters. There's a girl who works near the school I used to study at who has the exact same hair color as one of my characters, which is great because I used to have trouble explaining the color so I could just use her as reference to my friends, haha. Recently I ran into a guy who looks almost exactly like one of my characters too, it was rather shocking. I wanted to sneak a picture of him to show a friend but I also felt guilty about photographing strangers without their permission, so she had to just take my word for it. :sweat
    14. the way my boy dress up was almost same as my husband. I used to give him lots of fancy clothes, but now he is wearing Tshirt and Jeans and seems he enjoy this set of clothes better than all other types :whee:

      When I post my boy's most recent photo, my mum asked me why he looks like my hubby...:wiggle
    15. Not at all. I find the idea of making dolls after real people a little bit creepy, though that might be because of the way I make characters and how I think about them. That said, though, I do have one doll planned who's based after a rather quite minor historical figure... but we'll see how that goes. ;)
    16. Sometimes. For example, a lot of Luc's personality comes from my own teen years. Opaline is very loosely based on my ex-girlfriend's appearance, but not so much personality. While none of my characters are replicas of living people, most of them do share physical or personality traits with either celebrities/characters, or people I know.
    17. tinies allegedly resemble my sister and I when we were infants. I got them both to share that nostalgia with my mother, who admires my hobby from afar but who definitely loves her children.
    18. All my dolls are not inspired by the real peaple I've seen. I make stories of my own and my boys and girls just play characters of my stories. but maybe sometimes my stories would be inspired by some movies or fictions I've seen.
    19. I dislike this. Because I never will do it. Also I don`t like minimi dolls (actors, singers). But anime characters I like. I`m sorry, but these dolls look like staffed men (dummy) for me. When it`s just a doll I don`t feel these unpleasant feelings.
      P.S. I don`t want to hurt minimi owners. I just expressed my opinion.
    20. Welp, I just decided to shell Ahed Tamimi :wiggle Thinking Minifee Shushu, Moe line, biggest bust, and the open "slap"-like hand. A nice curly mohair wig, and clothes matching what she was wearing when she dealt the slap that echoed 'round the world :dance